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interview The Barry Gibb Mythology Tour Band may 5th 2013

Barry Gibb Mythlogy Tour Band
1. How does he fill in the last hours before the show? Does he wants to be left alone or is he comfortable with people surrounding him?
And most of all is he superstitous?

Barry is generally a very relaxed guy. He always has his family around and spends much of his time with them during the day and before the show. Sometimes there is a “Meet & Greet” with local friends or fans before the show, but it usually happens with enough time for him to collect his thoughts right before the show.

 Many times he will want to meet with the whole band and just express his happiness with how things are going, and tell us all to go have a good time and give the audience a great show.

If Barry is superstitious, we have never heard about it.

2. How are the rehearsal with Barry ,because we all know he is a perfectionist.

Rehearsals with Barry are relaxed, but productive. Everyone who works with him maintains the same high standards that he has, so things run very smoothly. If we are rehearsing a new song for the show, everyone in the band already knows their parts and is ready to go. Sometime we will suggest changes, or Barry will tell us that he would like to do something different than the original recording. Music is always evolving, and he is open to new ideas.

3. Does he still have a great sense of humor?

Yes he does! (And so does his whole family) He routinely causes the band to laugh during rehearsals or even the show. Although the show has a certain flow and direction, his commentary is not written down or memorized which allows him to improvise or add something that we may not have heard before.

4. What kind of Boss is he?

Barry is a dream to work for. He is such a professional on every level and he expects the same from those around him. That way he can maintain his high standards. He has a profound respect for those of us in the band and really treats us like family. Most of us in the band have known each other for 20 years or more. We are all friends first and co-workers second. Unlike many previous tours we have encountered, the band and crew all get along very well. Many of us are recording musicians or vocalists, have families, and steady work at home. It takes a lot to get some of us out on tour, but no one in Barry’s band thinks twice about it when he has work. Additionally, he is the only “boss” we know who actually asks the band if they are interested in doing shows and whether or not we will be available. We realize that we are all expendable in the big picture, but Barry doesn’t treat us that way.

5 What does he do right after the show? Which way he relax?

Doing a live show for this type of audience is always an adrenaline rush. We all take a little while to come down from the excitement. As soon as we get off stage there is usually some kind of hug, shake, or acknowledgement from him about the show. Then we usually change out of our “show” (sweaty) clothes. We don’t know of anything specific that Barry might do to relax. We, in the band may grab a bite to eat or a drink, see some local music, or check out the nightlife depending on where we are and what the next day’s schedule might be.

6. Are there any pranks going on?

Certainly if the opportunity presents itself, but there is a lot of respect for everyone on tour, so nothing has ever gotten out of hand.

Is he nervous before going on stage?

Nervous is probably not the right word. Anticipation is probably a better way to describe it. Barry always wants to give the audience a great show, but he wants to enjoy it as well. For him, the two things go hand in hand. If he doesn’t have a good time, the show will suffer, and then the audience will not be as satisfied.

8. Does the tour seems to bring Barry comfort and joy doing this?

Absolutely! He is surrounded by family, friends, and music. Of course there are certain pressures that go along with being a legend in the music business, but he handles all of it with grace.

.9. Will there be a different song list on the European tour?? and do you know which countries will be next? (after the UK)

There may be a few set list changes from the Australian leg, but we have yet to get any specifics.We have not received any info about future dates, but we try to keep this page updated whenever dates become public knowledge.

10 How is it working with Steve Gibb and Samantha Gibb?

Steve and Sami are both great to work with and very talented in their own right. Both of them have wonderful families who join us whenever possible. We also know that Barry enjoys having the next generation of Gibbs up on stage with him. He loves them to each have the spotlight during the show and in their own endeavors

11 How is it singing and rehearsing a duet with Barry Gibb?
It's amazing! Barry is very polite and sweet. He focuses on us together when we sing. Sometimes I freak out thinking about how I'm singing these songs that I loved on the radio, but he is so normal about it that it puts me at ease. I couldn't ask for a better duet partner.-Beth Cohen

 12. Do you have time to visit some of the sights from the places you visit during the tour?

That is one of the perks of touring with Barry. He prefers not to sing back to back shows, so we have days off in between. One of the reasons we started this page was to keep our friends and family up to date on what we were doing. Everyone in the band has access to post photos or comments from wherever we are. Not being out on tour at this exact moment, there is not a whole lot of those types of postings, but it will start up again as we gear up for the UK tour.

13.Are there things he has to do (like praying or any rituals or related acts) before going on stage?

Not that we know off,
n14:how does it feel being on tour with Barry Gibb again (John Merchant)

Amazing. Inspiring. Emotional. Blissful. And way too short-John Merchant

I want to thank the Barry Gibb Mythology Tour Band  !!!

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