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Dutch release of Beegees -coversong by The Kik - Ik doe wat ik wil ( All by Myself)

 Ik Doe Wat Ik Wil

All by myself

De enige geleende song van de plaat, origineel door The BeeGees, maar dan wel uit hun oertijd. Dave: "Ik vond het een heel goed nummertje, maar de opname die ik ervan had klonk eigenlijk nergens naar. Het heet All By Myself en werd door ze opgenomen toen ze een jaar of veertien waren, nog voor Spicks & Specks. The BeeGees zijn een soort kameleons, die zich aanpassen aan wat hip is. Nummers schrijven konden ze wel, en het arrangement jatten ze dan van een ander. Van The Everly Brothers bijvoorbeeld, of van The Who. Dit nummer is geschreven door Maurice Gibb

The only borrowed song of the album, originally by The Bee Gees, but only from their prehistoric times. Dave: "I thought it was a really good song number, but the recording I had it actually sounded lame It's called All By Myself, and was recognized by them when they were fourteen years old, before Spicks & Specks The Bee Gees are.. a kind of chameleons, which adapt to what is hip. W…

Barry Gibb among celebs who raise $100,000 to rescue children

Barry gibb picks band

Former Bee Gees front man Barry Gibb, the last surviving member of the genre-blurring music group, has chosen Jared & The Mill as the opening act of his U.S. tour. The Phoenix-based band memorably — and unselfishly — gave a private hospital-room concert last month to 18-year-old Mason Endres, days after she was struck by an intoxicated driver during South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

rare interview

Robin Gibb: 'I don't sing with my voice, I sing with my heart' – a classic interview from 1969

Robin Gibb: 'I don't sing with my voice, I sing with my heart' – a classic interview from 1969
To mark the sad death of robin Gibbwe visit rocks Backpages – the world's leading archive of vintage music journalism – for this interview with him by Keith Altham, first published after the Bee Gees' temporary split in August 1969 in Top Pops

With Robin Gibb hurtling up the charts with his first solo single, Saved by the Bell it would appear that the answer to the question, "Who was the key figure in the Bee Gees' success?" has been firmly given. If Robin had a motto it would be covered by that line from the Max Bygraves hit of yesteryear – "You've Gotta Have Heart."

Robin informed me during a recent interview. "I sing how I feel. I know I haven't got a great voice but I manage to touch something inside other people that they understand. It is an accident but the best kind of accident – one with no blood involved."

Robin quite rightl…

Robin Gibb -interview Bee Gees as producers 1981

Robin gibb on TV Show Who do you think you are?

Bee Gees star Robin Gibb was left feeling "helpless" after discovering his ancestors were poverty-stricken as he researched his roots for a genealogy TV show.

Gibb unearthed tragic secrets about his family tree while filming an episode of U.K. ancestry series Who Do You Think You Are? and he was heartbroken to find that his great-great grandfather William abandoned his young children to look for work when the collapse of the weaving industry caused mass unemployment - only to die penniless in a Scottish slum in 1874.

Gibb says, "It's a very sad story. You feel helpless because when you read about the situation and the ­conditions... you feel like you want to reach out and help."

But the singer was inspired after learning William's son Matthew had overcome his childhood poverty to become a decorated soldier.

He adds, "I admire him as he appears to be of great character and tough, great qualities to have

Robin Gibb - My Haven

My haven: The Bee Gee, Robin Gibb invites us into the living room of the 12th-century Oxfordshire home he found by accident on a Sunday drive
Robin gibb nodigde ons uit in zijn woonkamer van zijn  huis iuit de 12e eeuw in Oxfordshire dat hij per ongeluk vond tijdens een ritje met zijn auto op een zondag.

Last updated at 10:30 PM on 22nd July 2011

Treasure trove: Robin Gibb's living room is packed full with some of his favourite things

Robin's woonkamer ligt vol met zijn favoriete voorwerpen.

1 HISTORY MANWinston Churchill is a hero of mine. He’s one of the greatest men that ever lived. I’ve always had a romantic feeling about the past, always loved history, which is why I bought this house. I saw it and I had to have it. It was built in the 12th century and used to be a monastery. It’s older than Westminster Abbey, and it’s said Henry VIII visited with Anne Boleyn. It has its own chapel and there’s even a resident ghost.

Winston Churchill is een held van mij. Hij is een van de groot…

interview The Barry Gibb Mythology Tour Band may 5th 2013

Barry Gibb Mythlogy Tour Band

1. How does he fill in the last hours before the show? Does he wants to be left alone or is he comfortable with people surrounding him?
And most of all is he superstitous?

Barry is generally a very relaxed guy. He always has his family around and spends much of his time with them during the day and before the show. Sometimes there is a “Meet & Greet” with local friends or fans before the show, but it usually happens with enough time for him to collect his thoughts right before the show.

 Many times he will want to meet with the whole band and just express his happiness with how things are going, and tell us all to go have a good time and give the audience a great show.

If Barry is superstitious, we have never heard about it.

2. How are the rehearsal with Barry ,because we all know he is a perfectionist.

Rehearsals with Barry are relaxed, but productive. Everyone who works with him maintains the same high standards that he has, so things run very smooth…

Robin Gibb remembered in South Florida

von Ben Crandell, Sun Sentinel, 22. Mai 2012

Photo: AFP/Getty ImagesAway from the spotlight, longtime Miami Beach residents Robin and Barry Gibb, opposites in temperament and creative impulses, had a relationship that was extraordinary even for two brothers. “They had a magical connection,” said John Merchant, veteran producer and engineer at the brothers' Middle Ear Inc. recording studio in Miami Beach.Robin Gibb, who with Barry and twin Maurice was one-third of the global pop superstar trio the Bee Gees, died on Sunday of complications from cancer at age 62.

Merchant began at Middle Ear as an intern in 1988, and through 2004 worked on many late-career Bee Gees albums, including “One,” “Size Isn't Everything,” several live recordings and projects produced by the brothers for the likes of Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand. The brothers were competitive and approached songwriting from very different angles, Merchant said from his home in Nashville. Robin…
CELEBRATING  OUR 5TH ANNIVERSAIRY!! (2011) THIS INTERVIEW CONTAINS MORE PARTS  Dit interview is exclusief voor Bee Gees Fan Fever voor het vijfjarig jubileum dit jaar Dit interview bestaat uit meerdere delen en zal gedurende de maand augustus geheel worden geplaatst. Questions to John Merchant Vragen aan John Merchant 1.Hello John would you like to introduce yourself to the old and new Bee Gees Fans?.
1. Hallo John wil je je even voorstellen aan de oude en nieuwe Bee Gees fans?. My name is John Merchant and I have worked with the Bee Gees sinceMarch of 1988.  (In fact, my first day working with them was the day that Andy died, March 10th, 1988.)
Mijn naam is John Merchant en ik werkte met de Bee Gees vanaf maart 1988. (In feite was mijn 1e werkdag de dag dat Andy overleed 10 maart 1988). I began working at their studio, Middle Ear on Miami's South Beach as an intern, cleaning up and getting food, with limited involvement with …