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CARLOS GUZMAN - Tour Manager (Barry Gibb, Carlos Roberto - Live at Abbey Road)

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Happy Birthday by Spencer gibb

Message Spencer Gibb
In honor of my late father and my uncle Maurice, I'm posting the song "Happy Birthday" exclusively on YouTube in advance of its official digital release on January 8th, where it will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc...Enjoy! Also, Happy Birthday to my step-mom Dwina, who's birthday is also today, and my step-dad Carl, who's birthday was yesterday!! Much love and hope you enjoy the tune!! Here it is:

Barry Gibb on BBC 1 Take that special Friday 28 December 2018

The special will air on Friday 28th December at 7pm on BBC1 Friday 28 December 2018
Take That: We’ve Come A Long Way, 7pm, BBC 1
Robbie Williams joins the remaining members of Take That to reflect on the last 30 years as a band. Expect appearances from Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb in the studio, and the members’ mums as they recall their favourite memories of the ever-popular boyband.

Barry Gibb – My Favourite Vinyl

We asked the Bee Gees icon Barry Gibb to dig through his song catalogue and reveal which of his classic hits mean the most to him…

Funnily enough, Dionne Warwick didn’t like Heartbreaker when we first played it to her. She told me, ‘this song doesn’t get me off’.
I diplomatically said, ‘why don’t you do it anyway, and we can always toss it away if you dont like it?’. You have to be pateient in the studio sometimes and this one paid off.”
I Just Want To Be Your Everything – 1977
“This was our young brother Andy’s first No. 1. We never selected who should sing what in the old days, there was no sense of competition, Robin would sing one or I did. The sense of competition came when we had success.
That’s when everyone in the group wanted a bit of individual attention. But this one felt right for Andy and we loved hearing him sing it.”
Barry Gibb – Shadows – 2016
“This is a new one, it’s my Roy Orbison song, the constant drive upwards, like he did with Crying, which I consider to be the greatest…

U2's Bono and Pharrell have covered 'Stayin' Alive' by the Bee Gees - but is it any good

It's hard to think of anyone other than the Gibb brothers singing 'Stayin' Alive'. Prepare to hear a totally different version of the Bee Gees' classic, as U2 frontman Bono teamed up with Pharrell Williams for a special one-off performance.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the States, the performance was part of a special episode to raise money and awareness for (RED), a charity fighting HIV/AIDS.
Bono and Pharrell stripped back the disco classic, making it sound like something that should be used in a John Lewis Christmas advert.
But, we reckon it works pretty well with Bono's breathy vocals and Pharrell's backing harmonies.

Take that - How deep is your love (featuring Barry Gibb) Odyssey version

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Barry Gibb about leaving Middle Ear Studios 2005

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How did the Bee Gees survive the fall of disco?

Those falsettos, those white suits, those toothy smiles—you think you know the Bee Gees. But their story goes back much further than the ’70s, and it’s full of twists. From their roots as an eclectic harmony band in Australia and their first wave of Beatlesque fame, through their domination of the disco revolution and their years as a punchline, the Bee Gees stayed alive because of the Gibb brothers’ harmonies and especially their impeccable songs. This month, Hit Parade traces the influence of the Brothers Gibb on virtually every popular genre, from pop to R&B, rock to easy listening, country to … yes, even hip-hop.

Listen to Episode 16 of Slate’s Hit Parade:

Dwina Gibb about article Daily Mirror

Re: The Daily Mirror.
Many people and some of Robin’s music industry friends came to say hello to me at the BMI Awards, (London) and I was pleased to see a lady and a gentleman who had apparently talked to me before about my first play: Last Confessions of a Scallywag. She told me that they rarely see me out anywhere, and she asked me what I was doing now, and I said that I had written another play which is due out next year and she wanted to see it. She asked me if there was going to be a film or production about the Bee Gees lives, and I said that it is in the bag and has been talked about for years even before Robin passed away, but that Barry was making sure they had the right writers for it. I forgot that the term: “it’s in the bag” means something is already finished and in production.
Then she asked if there was music of Robin’s which had never come out. He composed and recorded many parts of songs at …

Bee Gees Y-100 special that aired October 6th, 1979. Recorded in Cincinnati September 15, 1979,

Bee Gees fans won't want to miss this one. When I was "The Madame" on South Florida radio from 1977-1985, I interviewed a candid Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb at the height of Saturday Night Fever's popularity. It was for a Y-100 special that aired October 6th, 1979. Recorded in Cincinnati September 15, 1979, produced by Y-100's Alan Leininger, with a new introduction recorded February 12, 2016

Bee Gees star Barry Gibb will join Take That for TV special marking the band’s 30th anniversary

The supergroup will record a version of the Bee Gees' original hit How Deep Is Your Love, which was covered by Take That in 1996, and one new track

An hour-long programme on the group has been commissioned by BBC One and will show the unlikely five-piece in the studio.
Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald are all confirmed and Robbie Williams also hopes to appear in the one-off TV special to be broadcast later this year.
It is understood they will record a version of the Bee Gees’ original hit How Deep Is Your Love, ­covered by Take That in 1996, and one new track.
A source said: “Barry may not be your typical boy band member but he’s a British music legend.

From Miami Beach : Dick Ashby, September 30th.:
“Barry recorded his vocal parts while we were in the UK. This new version of ‘How Deep is Your Love’ will probably be on a new ‘Take That’ Greatest hits Album to be released later this year. There was a camera team present in the studio, so some of the footage of Barry recording hi…

Bee Gees run to me RARE Color video

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Spencer Gibb - Empty Room (Official Music Video)

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new video and lyrics SUNDAY FOR LOVIN' - The Tree Gees

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Lyrics: Alex  Sammarini
Look out where the rainbow ends
Thinking of the time that never been spent
We leave behind the life that we'd begun
So listen to your beating heart
Split this love in two will tear us apart
Where will we go without a guiding star
There should be sunshine after rain
Saturday is gone but let the love found us again

Sunday for loving
Let your heart rules your head
All the way down
Let the memories flow through your body
Leaving the tears away

You said love needs a blind heart
A feeling it's stronger than who you think you are
Set yourself free and face the truth
Nothing is like as it seems
If your soul is where it’s always been
You can't stand no longer in between
Baby it's too late to turn away
Saturday's gone, but we can still dance one more day

Sunday for loving
Let your heart rules your head
All the way down
Let the memories flow through your body
Leaving the tears away

Andy Gibb - "I Just Want To Be Your Everything" (1983) - MDA Telethon

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Robin Gibb part of The Frank Skinner Show 28 10 02 with complete transcript

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transcript complete interview:

Frank Skinner: Ladies and gentlemen Robin Gibb.
Robin Gibb: Hi Frank

Frank Skinner: You've been a pop star, would you call yourself that?
Robin Gibb:I think so, yes.

Frank Skinner: For what... 40 years?
Robin Gibb: Since I was a teenager.

Frank Skinner: Not bad, is it?
Robin Gibb: It's a pretty long part of your life, we were little kids when we started back in Australia.

Frank Skinner: We've actually got a clip of you all when you were. I think it was 1960. How old were you then?
Robin Gibb: About 9 years old.

Frank Skinner: Right. Barry looks about three foot taller than you and Maurice.
Robin Gibb: Barry was a very tall chap, and we were actually very small, me and Maurice, cause we were twins. Not that that has got anything to do with size, but they had to put us on boxes, it was our very first television performance. Me and Maurice had to stand on wooden boxes to even out with Barry.

Frank Skinner: Right, …

Love and Hope High Rollers Night 2018

Nearly 300 guests tested their luck at the first-ever Love and Hope High Rollers fundraiser at the Miami Beach hot spot Faena Forum, Saturday, April 14, 2018 – and helped raise $320,000 for the Diabetes Research Institute at the UM Miller School of Medicine.

The evening kicked off with a cocktail reception at the coliseum-style room of the unique Faena Forum building’s second floor – which was decorated with oversized dice and casino chips throughout. Guests enjoyed drinks, passed light bites and stations with an assortment of delicious food before heading up to the third floor for the dinner program and casino games.

Love and Hope Executive Chairman Sandra Levy led the program, where she thanked Honorary Chairman Barbara Shapiro and National Chairman Kathy Simkins and her family for their contributions to the Love and Hope committee, event and DRI. She also recognized International Chairman Barry Gibb and his wife Linda, who were among the crowd and will be knighted as Sir and Lady by…

Läzro & Travis Gibb Release New Single “Take Me Home”

Introducing the new single ‘Take Me Home’, Läzro & Travis Gibb ft. Kyra B deliver a sure-fire player. At a time when women’s voices are being heard louder than ever, comes a power anthem that is glue to the ears. Topliner Kyra B provides a soulful vocal, backed by a magnetic blend of tropical and chill House, by producers Läzro and Travis Gibb.Läzro (Lazaro Rodriguez) and Travis Gibb are a Miami based production duo with a destiny waiting to unfold.  Super rich family history & A-list mentors have shaped their music and vision for what’s next.  Laz, the son of a Cuban immigrant musician got his start as a studio tech for Desmond Child & internships at some of the area’s top studios – including ‘Middle Ear Studios‘ owned by world famous Bee Gees, leading to his relationship with Travis.Growing up watching his father Barry Gibb from the legendary Bee Gees, it was only natural for Travis to follow suit & he was then further inspired by a number of leading dance acts of th…

Sir Barry Gibb being knighted 26 june 2018

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The musician who was born on the Isle of Man said he hopes his late brothers are proud as he left Buckingham Palace.
Sir Barry, the last surviving member of the chart-topping disco pop band, said: “I just don't think this would of happened to me today without my brothers.
"I think the idea of what we did together was something that we shared our entire lives and we were relentless, it didn't matter if something didn't work out we just kept going.
"They should be here today too and I feel their presence, I always do."

He said there is “no question” he would have loved to have shared this special day with his brothers.
The singer, songwriter and record producer was honoured for his services to music and charity.
Maurice Gibb died from complications following an operation to correct an intestinal blockage in 2003.
Robin Gibb, who…

Celebrating John Travolta Day in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN, New York (WABC) --

Brooklyn celebrated John Travolta day at the pizza place made famous in "Saturday Night Fever" on Tuesday.

Travolta made Lenny's Pizza (1969 86th Street) famous in the 1977 blockbuster movie in which he played Tony Manero and ordered two slices of pizza on top of each other. He ate it as he walked down the streets of Brooklyn. That iconic scene is so popular even today as people still order a double-decker slice. Lenny's has become a tourist destination.

Hundreds of people turned out for a special ceremony outside Lenny's Pizza, which also named a slice in his honor.

Travolta has a few ties to Brooklyn, also starring in the iconic television program "Welcome Back Kotter" in which he portrayed a Brooklyn High School student, Vinny Barbarino.

Tuesday's event also promoted Travolta's new movie, Gotti, opening in theaters on Friday. Travolta portrays crime boss John Gotti in the film, which was partially shot in Brooklyn.

Bee Gees - Gibb tragedies

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Kelly Lang and her song for Barry Gibb the one standing in the rain

The final song from her album Obsession to hit our list and earn a nomination for the Spirit Awards is “Last One Standing In The Rain.”  When you first listen to this song, you may think that it is a song about a bad break-up or the loss of a loved one.  However, Kelly assures us that it is a song about her friend Barry Gibb and being the last of the Bee Gees left standing on stage.

   “I wrote that song about Barry Gibb.  I was walking around my pool one day and I had back surgery and I was really down, really blue.  I was thinking about him—he had just lost his last brother and he was telling me how sad he was.  It’s so weird for him going on stage being the last man, the last man standing. He was so sad, so depressed about it.” solemnly shares Kelly. “I was able to travel with him to Australia to see where his brothers and him grew up, played on the golden shore together, dreamt together, they sang together… he can hear his brothers still in his ears when he is on stage. So that son…

Nick Lowe Covers Bee Gees-Penned Dionne Warwick Track 'Heartbreaker': Premiere

With his own sense of sophisticated pop craft, it's no surprise Nick Lowe might be something of a Bee Gees or Dionne Warwick fan. Those both translate into his version of Warwick's 1982 Bee Gees-written (and produced) hit "Heartbreaker," which is part of the new Tokyo Bay/Crying Inside EP with Los Straitjackets that Lowe releases June 15 via Yep Roc Records.
Lowe tells Billboard the easygoing, laid-back version of the song is "a soundcheck tune...something we might play before the show. I always thought it was a really, really great song, and like a lot of Bee Gees songs it really has got sort of hidden depth. I'm a great fan of the Bee Gees; You don't necessarily know what they're singing about a lot of the time, but they just make this fantastic sound and a lot of their songs are really soulful when you strip them all back. And that song 'Heartbreaker' I always thought was a really soulful song.
"I just started doing it in the soundcheck…


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Barry Gibb reveals his long-lost Grease demo for film's 40th anniversary

Writing a hit song can take weeks, months, even years. But sometimes, it turns out, it’s possible to crank ‘em out in a couple of hours. Which is exactly what happened when Barry Gibb was asked to write the title track for 1978’s original high-school musical, Grease.
On the eve of a new 40th anniversary edition of the film on 4k Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and digital, which is stuffed with more extras than the background of a Rydell High song-and-dance number, we not only spoke to Gibb about recording his still-infectious hit single “Grease” (sung by Frankie Valli in the film), but also landed an exclusive listen to the eldest Bee Gee’s long-lost demo tape of the song. You can listen to it on:

When we spoke with the 71-year-old Gibb, he was at a disadvantage. He still hadn’t heard the demo in the four decades since he recorded it. But his memory of how the song came about was so clear, he didn’t have to. “I rem…

Hear Kacey Musgraves' Bee Gees-Inspired New Song, 'High Horse'

Kacey Musgraves  will release her fourth studio album, Golden Hour, on March 30, and she's giving fans another early listen with a new song called "High Horse." This funky jam is a departure from the traditional sound most country fans expect from the singer, featuring infectious beats that bring the Bee Gees to mine. Zane Lowe of Beats 1 on Apple Music spoke with the singer about the fun jam, which Musgraves admits "was a freaking blast" to write and record. "I had this title for a while," she says. "We all know that character that is just a little high of themselves. They're just a little bit arrogant. I had this title sitting around for a long time and I have my own ideas about who it's about. Everyone has that character in their life and then I got to write it and oh my gosh, it is the most fun ever."
Musgraves says she was "on a huge Bee Gees kick" when she was making the album and she was intrigued by the idea of a world…

New Compilation Pop Career Of Andy Gibb

The spectacularly successful career of the late Andy Gibb is commemorated on the new CD and digital collection The Very Best Of Andy Gibb, to be released on 13 April by Capitol/UMe. From 9 March, pre-orders of the digital album will include instant download and streaming access to his duet version of Gerry Goffin and Carole King’s ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow,’ with seasoned soul songstress P.P. Arnold.
The 15-track collection includes all three of his US No. 1 singles, ‘I Just Want To Be Your Everything,’ ‘Shadow Dancing’ and ‘(Love Is) Thicker Than Water.’ All three of those chart-toppers were achieved during a tumultuous 11-month period in 1977 and ’78, in which he was part of the unprecedented adulation afforded Gibb and his Bee Gee brothers Barry, Maurice and Robin.
The three further US top ten hits that followed that sequence, ‘An Everlasting Love,’ ‘(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away’ and ‘Desire,’ which featured the Bee Gees, are also on the compilation. It also features Andy’s ne…

Peta Gibb remembering her dad Andy

Peta Gibb Weber: 
"I choose to remember my father today, March 5, on what should have been his 60th birthday. I wish he was here to celebrate with us and to be the dad to me, the husband to my mother, the pop to his grandchildren and the mate to my husband that we have all needed but he was never given the chance to be. 
I won't be commenting further on the 10th. I prefer not to commemorate the events of 30 years ago, events that never should have happened in the first place, took away a young life with so much unfulfilled potential far too soon and caused so much unnecessary pain. What happened in March 1988 remains etched clearly in my mind forever but I have no further wish to talk about it publicly. Just please know that I am now absolutely at peace with how things turned out but I will never forget. 
So, happy birthday to my father in heaven. For me personally, this time is not a time for celebration. It is about making sure what happened to Andy Gibb (and too, too many ot…

Robin Gibb on TV Show

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Bee Gees Massachusetts

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Spencer Gibb "Let's Start Over" Indiegogo Hidden Perks Announcement!

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Spencer Gibb "Let's Start Over" Indiegogo FAQs!

Click on read more to watch video Here are hopefully all of your questions answered regarding the Indiegogo "Let's Start Over" Vinyl Campaign! Paying, ordering, shipping and others!! Also, enjoy the outtakes at the end!!:)

Bee Gees interview

Robin Gibb and Leslie Philips in conversation Living the Life

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This episode of Living the Dream brings together the … quintessentially English, comedic and character actor, Leslie Phillips with Robin Gibb, the music phenomenon – singer, songwriter and part of the one of the most successful bands in history, the Bee Gees. Leslie Phillips – is the legendary British actor with an incomparable 75 years of performing.

 During his career Leslie has acted, directed and produced for the stage, television and film. Although he is still well known and well loved for his performances in some of the best-loved comedies of all time including the ‘Carry On’ films and ‘Doctor’ series, he has acted in a whole range of disciplines from playing Falstaff at the RSC to memorably bringing to life the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter franchise. He has become a Hollywood heavyweight with films such as Venus, and Empire of the Sun. Although still labelled for portraying the lovable British cad epitomised by his catchphrases ‘Hello’ an…