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Bee Gees run to me RARE Color video

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Spencer Gibb - Empty Room (Official Music Video)

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Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick mark 30th anniversary with adorable Bee Gees duet

After 30 years together, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's marriage is going strong!
To celebrate their pearl anniversary, the pair of actors crooned out in a delightful rendition of "To Love Somebody," the 1967 hit by the Bee Gees
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30 years! I can’t believe it Kyra is the woman of my dreams and the music in my life to watch video click on link below 
. — Kevin Bacon (@kevinbacon) 5 september 2018

new video and lyrics SUNDAY FOR LOVIN' - The Tree Gees

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Lyrics: Alex  Sammarini
Look out where the rainbow ends
Thinking of the time that never been spent
We leave behind the life that we'd begun
So listen to your beating heart
Split this love in two will tear us apart
Where will we go without a guiding star
There should be sunshine after rain
Saturday is gone but let the love found us again

Sunday for loving
Let your heart rules your head
All the way down
Let the memories flow through your body
Leaving the tears away

You said love needs a blind heart
A feeling it's stronger than who you think you are
Set yourself free and face the truth
Nothing is like as it seems
If your soul is where it’s always been
You can't stand no longer in between
Baby it's too late to turn away
Saturday's gone, but we can still dance one more day

Sunday for loving
Let your heart rules your head
All the way down
Let the memories flow through your body
Leaving the tears away

Andy Gibb - "I Just Want To Be Your Everything" (1983) - MDA Telethon

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Robin Gibb part of The Frank Skinner Show 28 10 02 with complete transcript

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transcript complete interview:

Frank Skinner: Ladies and gentlemen Robin Gibb.
Robin Gibb: Hi Frank

Frank Skinner: You've been a pop star, would you call yourself that?
Robin Gibb:I think so, yes.

Frank Skinner: For what... 40 years?
Robin Gibb: Since I was a teenager.

Frank Skinner: Not bad, is it?
Robin Gibb: It's a pretty long part of your life, we were little kids when we started back in Australia.

Frank Skinner: We've actually got a clip of you all when you were. I think it was 1960. How old were you then?
Robin Gibb: About 9 years old.

Frank Skinner: Right. Barry looks about three foot taller than you and Maurice.
Robin Gibb: Barry was a very tall chap, and we were actually very small, me and Maurice, cause we were twins. Not that that has got anything to do with size, but they had to put us on boxes, it was our very first television performance. Me and Maurice had to stand on wooden boxes to even out with Barry.

Frank Skinner: Right, …