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GSI was contacted this week about a new book which will be released the coming week about the area in Manchester where our Brothers Gibb grew up before leaving for Australia.
The writers of the book invited the family through me to be present at the book launch....
The evening will be opened by The Lord Mayor of Manchester and GSI will report about it of course as several of the Gibb Family members are planning to visit this book launch.
The book is called The Quirks of Chorlton-cum-Hardy.
The history of Chorlton from a very different angle, written by local historian Andrew Simpson, together with Manchester artist Peter Topping’s paintings.
This 200 page, full colour title, tells the stories of the unusual, the odd, the bizarre, the eccentric and our much loved Chorlton personalities and quirky buildings.

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Listen to Night Fever : The rise of the Bee Gees BBC Radio, November 15 2017.

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Ana Matronic marks today's 40th anniversary of the release of the blockbuster soundtrack. The 1977 soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever catapulted the Gibb brothers into the public consciousness. Fuelled by the movie's success, the soundtrack broke multiple industry records, becoming the highest-selling album in recording history up to that point. With more than 40 million copies sold, Saturday Night Fever is among music's top 5 selling soundtracks.
Featuring a stellar cast boasting an exclusive interview with Barry Gibb.

videos Barry Gibb at MTSU 10-28-2013

Singer-Songwriter Barry Gibb Named MTSU Inaugural Fellow

Music icon Barry Gibb easily traced the genealogy of the Bee Gees classic “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” for more than 900 fans and friends at MTSU’s Tucker Theatre Monday night, Oct 28.
Poignantly recalling his and his late brothers’ love for country music from their Australian childhood, the singer-songwriter-producer gently began picking out a Hank Locklin country classic on his acoustic guitar while talking with Beverly Keel, chair of MTSU’s Department of Recording Industry.
“The first country song I ever recall hearing was Johnny Tillotson’s [cover of] ‘Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On,’” Gibb said. “We only got the one radio station in Australia, and the people we heard classified as ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ were Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash.
“‘Crying’ was the first record I ever bought. … We love country. It all comes from the pathos. We always loved a sad story,” he continued, segueing smoothly into “How Can You Mend,” the brothers Gibb’s first U.S. No. 1 single.
The audience, whic…

Barry Gibb Developing Bee Gees Musical

A Bee Gees musical is in the works, with Universal Theatrical Group securing rights to the legendary band's life story and music. Singer Barry Gibb, the group's only surviving member, will executive produce the as-yet-untitled project.

Their brotherly love and musical savvy turned the beat around to disco, and without Maurice it just won't be the same UTG, Universal's live theater division, secured rights to the musical with Barry Gibb, Yvonne Gibb (wife of the late Maurice Gibb until the singers 2003 death) and the estate of Robin Gibb (who died in 2012). In a statement, Barry Gibb called the project a "wonderful opportunity" for his family.
"I'm personally very excited to be a part of the creative process along with Yvonne and Dwina," he said. "It's another adventure for us and a chance to throw the spotlight on all my brothers and finally the real story of us will be told. It's an honor to be working alongside the people I …