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Barry Gibb interview 11/8/82

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 ftg. producers Catherine Brabec & Kevin Stein interview Barry Gibb for When the Musics Over.
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Release song Bonnie Tyler seven waves away by (A.Gibb, B.Gibb, Emery, S.Gibb)

March 15 2019

Today Release of cd Bonnie Tyler Between the Earth and the Stars with the song
Seven Waves Away
Written by :
(A.Gibb, B.Gibb, Emery, S.Gibb)

you can hear it on spotify

An audience with a Bee Gee - Robin Gibb

KIM KNIGHT    Nov 07 2010
Onstage he can still send a crowd wild. Offstage, Robin Gibb explains how performing helps fill a void, and reveals his peculiar sense of humour to Kim Knight.  BACKSTAGE, AND the skinny roadies wear skinny black jeans and smoke skinny cigarettes. Security Guard #780 paces an empty corridor, outside an empty dressing room. In the bowels of the entertainment centre with the painted concrete block walls and trodden down carpet squares a radio plays: "All the lonely people..." Yesterday Sydney, tomorrow Perth. But, if it's today, it must be Brisbane.
Fame: Robin, left, Barry and Maurice Gibb sold 200 million records as the Bee Gees.
Robin Gibb arrives 15 minutes before show time. Blink and miss the emaciated man in the neat suit and metal-plated shoes who slips – small, quiet, solo – from chauffeured car to guarded dressing room and waits for the spotlight. In Brisbane, you can buy a full body fake tan for $25. Strangers call you &quo…
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First Ever Authorized Bee Gees Documentary In Production article nr 2

The first ever authorized documentary feature about the legendary band The Bee Gees has been announced. The documentary feature, which is authorized by Barry Gibb and the families of Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb, will be presented and fully financed by Polygram, Capitol Records and UMPG, and directed by Academy Award nominated Frank Marshall who will produce the film with multiple-Grammy Award-winning producer Nigel Sinclair.

The documentary, which will have complete access to all the Bee Gees archives, seeks to reveal the character of the Bee Gees as a group and as individuals, as well as the magic and mystery of their musical genius. It will explore the, sometimes unsung, nature of the band’s brilliance, their astonishing songwriting prowess, and their distinctive ability to connect with each cultural era – while always returning to the same emotional core: the remarkable relationship between three extraordinarily talented brothers.

Mark Monroe will serve as lead writer, with Cassidy H…

Bee Gees, Documentary in the Works at Polygram (EXCLUSIVE)

februari 10 2019 click on read more for the article

Polygram Entertainment

has unveiled a quartet of music documentaries in development on the Bee Gees, the Go-Go’s, hip-hop jewelry and the origins of mixtapes, Variety has learned exclusively.
Polygram, which was revived in 2017 by Universal Music Group, rolled out details of the projects Saturday afternoon during a pre-Grammys showcase in downtown Los Angeles. Members of the Go-Go’s were in attendance along with UMG executives Michele Anthony and David Blackman and veteran film producer Frank Marshall, who’s handling the Bee Gees documentary.
Since 2017, Polygram has co-distributed Ron Howard’s “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years” and developed several notable upcoming projects: a Luciano Pavarotti documentary directed by Howard, a Velvet Underground documentary directed by Todd Haynes and “Hitsville: The Making of Motown.”

The Bee Gees documentary feature is authorized by Barry Gibb and the families of his late brothers M…

Robin Gibb - Anke Late Night Interview september 9 2004

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