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Bee Gees interview

Robin Gibb and Leslie Philips in conversation Living the Life

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This episode of Living the Dream brings together the … quintessentially English, comedic and character actor, Leslie Phillips with Robin Gibb, the music phenomenon – singer, songwriter and part of the one of the most successful bands in history, the Bee Gees. Leslie Phillips – is the legendary British actor with an incomparable 75 years of performing.

 During his career Leslie has acted, directed and produced for the stage, television and film. Although he is still well known and well loved for his performances in some of the best-loved comedies of all time including the ‘Carry On’ films and ‘Doctor’ series, he has acted in a whole range of disciplines from playing Falstaff at the RSC to memorably bringing to life the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter franchise. He has become a Hollywood heavyweight with films such as Venus, and Empire of the Sun. Although still labelled for portraying the lovable British cad epitomised by his catchphrases ‘Hello’ an…