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Interview Spencer Gibb oct 30 2016

His accent comes from British roots, makes its way to New York and travels down south to make its stay in Austin, Texas. He sounds identical to his father, Robin Gibb, looks similar to Robin, and to his two uncles Maurice and Barry Gibb. All three were in the famous band The Bee Gees. The coffee pot is on and whistling, like a train that could be heard from a bedroom window on a dreary summer night. “What is your first and last name and can you spell it,” the writer asks. The coffee pot comes to a screeching halt as a small grin begins to rise over Spencer Gibbs face. “Am I at a police department?” Spencer jokingly asks. The writer laughs and gently asks why he is at the University of Northern Colorado of all places to be. Spencer adds, “I am here working with my long-time production partner, Ludck Drizhal, who is a professor at UNC running the film composition program.”       Spencer Gibb has musical roots dating back to his father and uncles of The Bee Gee’swho together formed a songwri…

Robin Gibb Interview Memories of Dad

Robin Gibb Interview Part I

Barry Gibb on the Bee Gee's shifting fortunes

October 18th 2016

At the age of 70, Barry Gibb is finally striking out on his own.
"The truth is that my brothers really didn't ever want me to make a solo album," admits Gibb, the last Bee Gee standing. "And I probably felt the same about them. We wanted to be close and we wanted to be individually recognised and we all felt threatened by each other's success. That's how it was, deep down inside – a mixture of feelings all the time."
Gibb was the eldest of four brothers, all gone now. The youngest, Andy, died at 30 in 1988, struggling with drug addiction after a pop career in which Barry wrote and produced his biggest hits. Barry's other two brothers shared the stage with him for most of his life as the Bee Gees, one of the most successful groups of all time.

Maurice died aged 53 in 2003, and Robin died aged 62 in 2012. "Your world turns upside down," says Gibb. "But somehow you get through."
Gibb has a very warm, genial, relaxed p…

Exclusive interview for Beegees Fan Fever : Carolina Dijkhuizen dutch Beegees tribute cd

Releasedate october 14 th 2016