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Bee Gees : Personalities:

Barry Gibb: "I can take life seriously and as a joke, because I believe that the moment we're born, we're dying, and there's no use going through it looking miserable! Don't let yourself be dragged down by your own moods; just enjoy what you've got." (1968)Maurice Gibb: "Barry's blast-offs don't bother me, purely because half of what he says doesn't really mean anything. What I mean is that what he says is true, but he exaggerates it." (Disc and Music Echo, 1969) Barry Gibb: "I'm very much a family person. I just love the feeling a close family gives you and I wouldn't change it for anything. I've never been into parties, premieres or night-clubbing. I much prefer staying at home with the wife and kids, watching TV or reading a book. I'm Mr Boring, not a party-goer at all." (1998)Robin Gibb: "I think I'm more of a thinker. I'm less trivial about things than probably I should be, but I do have a great sense of humor ... maybe grumpy with a great sense of humor." (Reuters, 2001)
Maurice Gibb: "I am more or less in the middle. I've always been between Barry and Robin. But I am always the decider. It's just been our life that I always end up being the man in the middle. So they call me the engine. They call me all sorts of stuff. Barry and Robin have these different types of egos sometimes they come out and they stop. And I've got to cut myself out here. I don't want to be like them. So being down to earth is probably more important than anything else. And they're like that. They're just great guys. They're just guys like you and me. We sit and we chat, it's the same thing." (In Conversation, 2001)Robin Gibb: "He[Maurice] was a very outgoing person, very gregarious, very extrovert, a great laugh, a great wit and very generous, tremendously generous. I know these are nice things to say about people, but he really was very generous, he helped a lot of people, he was always the champion of the underdog, people were going through bad times he would help them, so he really was a good man." (GMTV, 2003) Maurice Gibb: "Everybody has two training thoughts. It's either fear or love. Nothing in between. It's always the one or the other. I love to live in love today. I don't live in the negative I don't think negative. I don't pursue anything that is negative. I don't even ask questions that are negative. I just go for what I enjoy. And love to do what I to do. And if I am loving it then it's incredible. That you can do something that you love as you work or your hobby whatever. To have that blessing." (In Conversation, 2001)Maurice Gibb: "Barry is a very compassionate person, a very loving person, very protective and that shows in his writing as well - his compassion.  Sometimes he can be a little extrovert but more than anything, he totally believes in what he is doing, totally believes in the song, totally believes in the show.  Totally believes in whatever he is doing.  If he can't do it right, he doesn't want to do it." (This is where I came in, 2001) [Contributed by Melba Beggs]
Maurice Gibb: "I think maturity is setting in, but I'm still the gayest one. I don't mean gay as in homosexual - I mean going out socially." (1979)Robin Gibb: "Barry is very sensitive and shy, but very, very sweet with it, very passive." (Reuters, 2001)Barry Gibb: "My idea of pleasure would be sitting in front of TV. I enjoy quiz shows like the Match Game." (Teen Bag Magazine, 1977)Barry Gibb "I have a huge ego and a huge inferiority complex at the same time." (The Mirror, 1998)


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THE MEANING OF SONGSCollaborator:Stephan Koenig ALONE (1997) BARRY GIBB: What the song's really about is that little child inside. It's that abstract feeling we all have that no matter how close or how many relatives we have or how many people around us we love, we still feel alone. There's an aloneness about all of us. That "How do I, why is it always end up alone?" Well, I'm not alone, but I might feel alone, that no one really thinks the way I do. I guess that's because everybody's unique in their own way. We all do feel the same way about most things, but why is it that nobody feels the same way I do about everything? So you're alone. You have that feeling sometimes.

MAURICE GIBB: Always with experimentation in mind, this was a fun time. The memories of this session will always be remembered. I loved the tuba and reverse cymbal effect.

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