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Jacky Detaille - Toucher ton coeur (Bee Gees - How deep is your love)

Robin Gibb: a Bee Gee's secret history"

Telegraph    13 july 2008Robin Gibb, co-creator of the most gloriously shallow pop ever, now wears several deeply serious hats: guardian of British heritage, confidante of world leaders, and 21st century Mozart. He talks to Olga Craig. Portrait by Eva Vermandel
Robin Gibb is gazing at a bear at the bottom of his garden. Glinting in the afternoon sunshine, the 6ft grizzly is upright, poised motionless on muscular hind legs, left paw outstretched menacingly. Just as well, then, that it is sculpted in stone.
'It was a birthday present from my wife, Dwina,' Gibb says, sipping from a mug, decorated, appropriately enough, with festive robins. 'I like the sort of juxtaposition, the mix of the modern with the historic,' he says, pouring more tea from a cream Delft teapot that has got to hold a gallon of liquid at least.
The 'modern' is an array of huge stone statues, from bunnies to birds, that litter the magnificent 100-acre fairytale garden of his Oxfordshire home. The …

Bonnie Tyler - To Love Somebody (Bee Gees cover) (live Théâtre Palace Biel/Bienne 28/11/15)

Bee Gees Des O'Connor Tonight 1998