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Dionne Warwick "Take the Short Way Home" "Misunderstood" "Heartbreaker"(Aplauso 13-11-82)

Dionne Warwick "Yours"(Aplauso 13-11-82)

Titanic live concerts

TITANIC LIVE CONCERT is a show written and produced by Robin Gibb, a member of the legendary Bee Gees, who died prematurely the May 20, 2012, together with his younger son, RJ GIBB.
The project aims to pay homage to the victims of the sinking of the Titanic, the "unsinkable" ship, which sailed on April 10, 1912 from the English harbour of Southampton and sank five days later in the freezing cold and deep waters of the North Atlantic, after hitting against a massive iceberg.
The symphonic concert becomes a unique spectacle in the genre. The orchestra composed of 60 elements and 30 elements of chorus with the addition of soloist singers are incorporated in the holographic scenography, which creates a virtual environment with images and high definition video able to instil in the audience the feeling of living the experience of the Titanic in first person. A real revolution, a fundamental turning point for live show that has never before been so captivating.
The sounds of the sea …

Bee gees on American Music Awards

What peers say about the Bee gees

PETER GABRIEL: "I tried to sing a bit like Robin Gibb on the second verse (of Genesis' Silent Sun) I'm sure we would have denied it at the time"
PAUL McCARTNEY: "It was the 'mining disaster' song that Robert Stigwood played me. I said 'sign them, they're great! And they went on to be even greater"
MARC BOLAN: "I remember David Bowie playing me Space Oddity in his room and I loved it and said he needed a sound like the Bee Gees"
BONO: "In terms of bands, there are five extraordinary catalogues that make me ill with envy. It doesn't have to be said the Bee Gees are up there with the Beatles"
MICHAEL JACKSON: "The Bee Gees are brilliant"
"Saturday Night Fever is what inspired me to record the Thriller album."
JOHN TRAVOLTA: "I've always felt that when Barry, Robin and Maurice get around a …


ROBERT STIGWOOD(Bee Gees manager from 1967 to 1980)
Reporter: Mr. Stigwood, what do the fans of the Bee Gees find appealing about them?

Stigwood: This might sound corny, but it is their poetry. These boys are completely uneducated. They don't even know how to spell. They write the lyrics out spelled phonetically. And the simple poetry appeals to the public.

Robin: We start with a title. The rest just flows from there. It's like a spiritual thing when we write. We know what the other one is thinking. Lonely Days was written in 10 minutes.

(Rolling Stone, 1971)
ARIF MARDIN(producer, credited for helping create the band's signature falsetto vocal style and revitalizing their sound into a dance/R&B sound)
"Usually when Barry writes the songs, or actually the three brothers write them, Barry would have the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar, and the song would take s…

Lulu Learned To Write Music By Watching The Bee Gees At Work

The Shout hitmaker, who was married to the late pop star for four years from 1969, reveals the 1970s icons taught her how to pen tracks.
She tells Britain's Attitude magazine, "I first got master classes in songwriting when I was married to Maurice - I used to sit and watch the Bee Gees write at home... So that's where I learned. I never wrote with Maurice, my brother did. I was slow, but I finally got there."