List of Bee Gees TOP 10 Awards

Below is a list of the Top 10 awards won by the Bee Gees throughout their years as one of the most celebrated musical groups in the world.
10) Billboard’s Top Pop Producers:
Although Billboard did not have a televised awards show back in the ‘70s, they still highlighted the year’s greatest musicians within the magazine. In 1978, the Bee Gees scooped up several awards including the year’s Top Pop Producers.

9) Billboard’s Top Pop Albums Artist
The brothers also wrapped up their ultra-successful year winning the title of Top Pop Albums Artist.

8) Grammy for Best Arrangement for Voices
The group that defined disco dominated the 1979 Grammys. The Bee Gees took home the award for Best Arrangement for Voices for their catchy hit “Stayin’ Alive.” In total, the pop stars walked away with an impressive five awards making them the second group or duo to win five Grammys in a single night (the first was Simon & Garfunkel in 1971).

7) Grammy for Album of the Year
The Saturday Night Fever album won Album of the Year in 1979 and was the first movie soundtrack to ever win this coveted Grammy. The album was comprised of several Bee Gees songs including “Stayin’ Alive”, “You Should Be Dancing”, “Jive Talkin”, “More Than a Woman”, “Night Fever” and “How Deep Is Your Love.” The brothers also wrote and produced several tracks on the soundtrack.

6) Songwriters Hall of Fame
In 1994, the Bee Gees were recognized for their genius lyrics when they were voted into the distinguished Songwriters Hall of Fame.

5) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Over a decade later, the Bee Gees joined other legendary artists in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was about time!

4) Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group
Feb. 23, 1978 was a monumental day for Robin and his brothers. They beat out some stiff competition when they received their first Grammy. The award was for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group for the Bee Gees’ single “How Deep is Your Love.” The other artists nominated for this category included Fleetwood Mac and Eagles.

3) Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group
One of their five awards won at the 1979 Grammys was Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group for Saturday Night Fever. The trio was the first group to receive this award two years in a row since the Carpenters won in 1970 and ’71.

2) Grammy for Producer of the Year
Besides swiping up several awards in 1979, the Bee Gees made history when they became the first musical group to win the Grammy for Producer of the Year.

1) Grammy Legend Award

 Just six weeks after the upsetting death of Robin’s fraternal twin, Maurice, the Bee Gees were presented with the prestigious Grammy Legend Award in 2003. They are the only group or duo to receive this honor. This award has been given to iconic solo artists such as Elton John and the late Michael Jackson.