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From the iHeart Radio Studio - Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Dennis Bryon.

The Bee Gee's were three brothers with a guitar and harmonies. They were often accused of being the Beatles. B, G. Beatles Group. Something very interesting ...happened while playfully mixing the music for something called Saturday Night Fever. The laid back harmonies that brought them to world had suddenly shifted. And this man was there. In fact it was his drum beat that became the infection. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Dennis Bryon.

bee gees en vivo en argentina

Spencer Gibb appears in new movie

So here it is: The trailer for Jacek Bromski's amazing new film, Anatomy of Evil.I was cast in the movie (you can see me in the trailer), and had the amazing opportunity to produce the score in Prague with Ludek Drizhal. I hope you enjoy (especially my Polish friends, as there are no subtitles....) and I will keep everyone posted on it's release dates!

Spencer Gibb

Rehearsals of Indian Summer 1985

Redcliffe told to get ready for superstar visit and 10,000 fans

August 16, 2015 4:10pm Erin SmithRedcliffe & Bayside Herald File photo: Barry Gibb when he was in Redcliffe for the unveiling of Bee Gees Way stage one. Photo: Peter WallisUP TO 10,000 Bee Gees fans are expected to storm Redcliffe for Barry Gibb’s visit during the Redcliffe Festival — and traders are being urged to get ready now for one of their busiest days of the year.
Gibb will be in Redcliffe on September 11 for the unveiling of stage two of Bee Gees Way.
Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism marketing and public relations director Belinda Boyce said there would be plenty of vantage points on the day for fans to grab a glimpse of the famous singer.

This time fans will get closer to Barry with a stage positioned down near the Redcliffe Jetty, where Barry will arrive before making his way towards Bee Gees Way,” Ms Boyce said. “There will also be screens displaying live footage along the street.”
All the excitement kicks off at 1pm with stage entertainment.
Gibb will arrive at 2pm and…

Tragedy: The Sad Ballad of the Gibb Brothers

By Jeff Apter

The rise and fall of the brothers Gibb is perhaps the greatest saga in Australian music history.

Despite several rebirths in a career that spanned many decades, it seemed that tragedy followed the Gibbs like a curse. For every incredible career high there was a hefty personal downside: divorce, drunkenness and death seemed as synonymous with the Gibbs as falsetto harmonies, flares and multi-platinum record sales.

Not long before his death, Robin made it clear that he believed the Gibbs had been forced to pay the highest possible cost for their success. ‘All the tragedies my family has suffered . . . is a kind of karmic price we are paying for all the fame and fortune we’ve had.’

This is the story of the brothers’ incredible career(s) and an examination of the Gibb ‘curse’, an all-too-human look at the rollercoaster ride of fame.

About the Author

Jeff Apter is the author of 15 non-fiction books, including biographies of the Finn brothers, Keith Urban and cricketer Michae…