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Review and photos of new cd Robin Gibb cdbox Saved by the Bell

It took ten years to the final editing and mastering of the disc you now can listen to on the cd box :Saved by the Bell the collected works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970.
In the box you find three compact discs
Disc 1 Robins Reign ...and Plus
the plus stands for 9 bonus tracks
Disc 2 Sing slowly Sister Sessions :

There was never a finished master of the Sing Slowly Sister album.
But now after ten years the fans can listen and enjoythe complete album.
Disc 3 Robin's Rarities

A compilation of previously unissued songs and also some BBC interviews and aired songs.
Andrew Sandoval, the reissue producer added some demos from 1968.
The tracks from 1968 are:

12. The Band Will Meet Mr. Justice (demo),
 13. The People's Republic Poke Song (demo),
14. Indian Gin and Whiskey Dry
15. The Girl To Share Each Day (demo),
16. Come Some Halloween Or Christmas Day (demo),
17. Heaven In My Hands (demo).

Indian Gin And Whiskey Dry (demo) and Come Some Halloween Or Christmas Day (demo)  should have been credite…

Headstone Robin Gibb

Robin's headstone with St Cecilia etched at the top, patroness of music

On the side: My Songbird Has Flown.

And at the back side: How Deep Is Your Love and other famous Bee Gees song titles .

© Gibb Family

Robin Gibb talks about British war bombers

Barry Gibb at Twitter : Beautiful floor, beautiful sound.

My boys- The Bee Gees

von Sharon Krum, Woman's Weekly, August 2004

On the eve of a visit to Australia to represent her famous sons, Barbara Gibb, mother of the Bee Gees, shares her pride in their huge worldwide success and speaks frankly about the pain of losing two of her beloved children.

The year is 1966. The Bee Gees have just learned that their song Spicks And Specks has gone to number one in the charts. It's the first time that anything this momentous has happened to the brothers from Brisbane by way of Manchester, brothers whose magical ability to harmonise would soon set the world on fire. So how do Barry and twin brothers Robin and Maurice celebrate this milestone? First, they buy their mother Barbara a silver fox fur coat.

"I was asleep when they came home with it. They threw the coat on top of me and, when I woke up, I was covered in this beautiful fur." Barbara remembers. "Oh, they are such generous boys."
Yet the coat would prove more than a simple gesture of love fo…