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Barry Gibb and David English Rare interview about Hawks

Barry Gibb returns to Redcliffe on september 11 2015

Barry Gibb announces return to Redcliffe for opening of Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Bee Gees WayMarch 31, 2015 4:10pm Kylie KnightQuest Newspapers Barry Gibb at the opening of Bee Gees Way stage one. Picture: Chris Higgins.BARRY Gibb cannot wait to return to Redcliffe in September for the opening of Bee Gees Way stage two and is planning a longer stay this time to relive some special childhood memories. Stage two will be officially opened on September 11 with Barry Gibb headlining a community event as part of Redcliffe Festival celebrations.
“It’s been an honour to be personally involved in this project. I can’t wait to share the day with the community, fans and friends,” he said.
“My memories of my time in Redcliffe are as vivid today as when I was running around barefoot with my brothers exploring its many treasures. It has never left me.”
Maurice, Robin and Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees during concert in Sydney in 1999. Picture: Angelo Soulas

Cr Sutherland said Mr Gibb planned to spend “…

Working with the Stars - John Farr

The Bee Gees You can hardly talk about the disco days without recognizing the Bee Gees were at the cornerstone of that short but exciting phenomena. “Saturday Night Fever” sold more than 30 million copies and we could just not keep up with the orders. Of the Gibb brothers, Barry seen here and his youngest brother, Andy were the biggest heart throbs of that generation. Andy died too early and Barry is the only Gibb still alive.

Barry Gibb debuts THE HOME TRUTH SONG

Barry Gibb debuts THE HOME TRUTH SONG March 26, 2015, Miami Beach Centennial

Verse 1:

I ain’t the poster boy you made me
You won’t ever chain me down
I’ve been to heaven and I’ve been to hell
And I’ve been livin’ underground

You want me to be the man
You know I never wanna be
Everybody changes with the wind
Set my spirit free

Pre-Chorus 1:

Let me tell me where I should not go
Off together in a one-man show
I need somebody to hold me When the night is long

Chorus 1:
I am the man who does it all or nothing
I am the one who will not fade away
I am the man who puts his hand in the fire
Bein’ forever young

Back where I belong
Singing a home truth song
Singing a home truth song

Verse 2:

With the weight of the world on my shoulders
Always been that way
This runaway train keeps on rollin’
Someone gotta pay
I take what my God has given me
I can’t tell you why
There must be a reason for livin’
Sometimes I’d rather die

Pre-Chorus 2: With a storm on the ocean at the river’s end
I won’t…

barry gibb at 3:06:50 NEW SONG 3:23:13 Hard Rock Rising Miami Beach

Miami Beach 100

dutch coversong by Simon Stein & Jozef Veerman

Simon Stein in duet met Cees Veerman (Jozef) , een cover van The Bee gees' To Love Somebody.

100 hour celebration Miami March 22-26 2015

Hard Rock Rising Miami Beach Lineup

Headliners for the Hard Rock Rising Miami Beach festival include Andrea Bocelli, Barry Gibb, Gloria Estefan and Flo Rida. Supporting talent includes the official DJ of the Miami Heat, DJ Irie; English guitarist and singer songwriter, Dave Mason; GRAMMY® award-winning musician, Jon Secada; Jamaican reggae and hip-hop artist, Ky-Mani Marley; popular jazz flautist, Nestor Torres; Miami Beach jazz vocalist, Nicole Henry; and Jamaican reggae band, Third World. Global superstars Andrea Bocelli and Barry Gibb headline a great list of artists, which also stars Gloria Estefan, in Hard Rock RISING - Miami Beach 2015 concert on Thursday, March 26.
The City of Miami Beach is marking its 100th anniversary with a centennial week-long celebration that culminates with an iconic music festival. Sponsored by Hard Rock International, The Seminole Tribe of Florida and Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Fla., the all-day oceanfront music festival is located on the sand at Eighth Street and Ocean Drive.

Letter from Dwina Gibb about headstone for Robin Gibb

This is to all the fans out there.

We wanted to let friends and fans know that at last we have had all the permissions for a very special headstone for Robin and we have been assured that the ground has now settled enough to erect the headstone. Special permission was also granted to carve both the front and the back of the headstone. The stone is Kilkenny Blue Marble, which is a very hard limestone rock that is quarried in Ireland. It was especially chosen by the Gibb family and the gold medallist sculptor and stonemason: Martin Cook. Martin is currently spending hours and hours carving the stone. We had originally thought of Welsh slate from the mines that Robin and I had visited, but St. Mary's Church is a Grade One listed Church, thought to have been originally an Anglo Saxon Royal Minster, with special rules and regulations. Slate is forbidden, but the stone we have now, has been allowed. Robin originally chose the Kilkenny Blue stone for sculptures in our garden that…

Maurice Gibb In Conversation, May 21 2001

 They were just three boys who loved to sing. But they took the world by storm with their songs: from Massachusetts, Alone, How Deep is Your Love to Staying Alive and Night Fever. Three decades later, the Bee Gees songs still strike a cord with the people.
Maurice Gibb, one of the Brothers Gibb, talks candidly to In Conversation about the Bee Gees' triumphs, trials, setbacks and comebacks.

Q: Maurice Gibb, welcome to In Conversation.
M.Gibb: Thank you.
Q: Well, this is where you come in.
M.Gibb: This is where we came in.
Q: Well, you've had such great successes. You're a legend now. How are legends made?
M.Gibb: You know, it's very hard for anyone to see as an icon or a legend or whatever. To me that is very funny. I am sorry. It seems, I mean if somebody dies, yes, it's okay. But being so prominent as people put that name on us, I mean, we don't perceive ourselves as that or ...
Q: What do you see yourself as?
M.Gibb: Three brothers trying to be bigger than Be…

This Is Where We Came In - The Billboard Interview

Billboard May 21 2001

“What you have here are three brothers known for writing songs - that's what we do,” says Barry Gibb, standing broad-shouldered and bronze with thin streaks of silver in his beard and dark mane. “We're not a pop group that falls out of fashion and comes back again - we're a songwriting team. Why avoid the fact that that's what we really do?” His furrowed brow relaxes, and he breaks into a smile as he sits down between his brothers in the comfy upstairs office of their Middle Ear Studio in Miami Beach, Fla. “Now that I've got that off my chest, what else should we talk about?”

There's a short, respectful silence from Robin and Maurice Gibb, the twin siblings who've been Barry's bandmates in the incipient Bee Gees since they began as a pre-adolescent trio warbling material by 10-year-old Barry like “Turtle Dove” and “Let Me Love You.” Then Robin cuts through the tropical calm with bold remarks about the “hellishly low” standards in fi…