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Bee Gees Rekindle the Fever

Thursday, June 14, 2001

The brothers Gibb are back--again--with a new album and a spot in KIIS' Wango Tango.

By RANDY LEWIS, Times Staff Writer


The Bee Gees may have been born in England, but they clearly picked up a key character trait during their childhood years in Australia--these guys come back more often than a boomerang.
This weekend they share the stage at KIIS-FM's Wango Tango 2001 with such hot young pop acts as Ricky Martin, the Backstreet Boys, Jessica Simpson and host Britney Spears--performers who weren't born when the Bee Gees got their first taste of success. Or, in some cases, their third.
Brothers Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb, however, simply refuse to stay down for the count.
After an initial blast of seven Top 10 pop hits in 1967 and '68, Robin quit and, shortly thereafter, Barry left. The trio reunited in 1970 and came back with "Lonely Days," followed by their first No. 1 record, "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart." T…

Barry Gibb Tormented by his Brother's Death

Woman's Day (Australian) 1989

The handsome Bee Gee candidly admits he will always wonder if he could have done more to prevent his baby brother's tragic death

Mega-rich rock star Barry Gibb has known personal heartache as his group, the Bee Gees, has swerved in and out of fashion. But his troubles have been nothing compared with the agony he feels over his brother Andy. Tragic Andy was just 30 when he died a year ago of a massive heart attack, brought on by drink and drugs.

Now Barry, who's on the verge of yet another Bee Gees comeback, is haunted by the belief that maybe he could have done something to save his brother.

"That has to be the saddest, most desperate moment of my life, when I heard he had gone," admits Barry. "Since then, I've asked myself a thousand times, could I have done more or said more to help him?"

The 42-year-old star certainly did his best when Andy was still alive, giving him constant encouragement and help. But it did seem …

YOU LOOKIN ' AT ME? By Johnny Black

MOJO Magazine - May Issue - Pages 48 - 52

Ridiculed as disco has-beens, The Bee Gees have come through death, pills, booze, and the derision of bald barristers to become the ultimate pop survivors. Johnny Black documents their remarkable resurrection.

"What image?" asks Barry Gibb, "I haven't' got an image," What he does have, though, is a guitar. It's a second-hand customized hollow-bodied Epiphone, bought just half an hour ago, and he's showing it off proudly to sound engineer John Merchant in the Bee Gees' Miami Beach workplace, Middle Ear Studios. "The bloke in the shop didn't want to sell me it," says Barry, the pitch of his voice rising. "He said it didn't fit
my image. What does he think I am, a librarian? Right now I don't think I've got an image. I'm hoping this guitar will give me one. I said, I'm reinventing myself - just put the guitar in the box!"

Merchant eyes his boss, as if seeking a c…


OK! Magazine

Bee Gee Robin Gibb outraged his family and friends by revealing on live radio, "My wife's a lesbian and I love it." His outburst caused such reverberations that he refused even to confirm whether it was true or not.
Now, Robin and Dwina talk for the first time about their most unusual marriage...
(Interview by Ian Woodward)

The Bee Gees string of pop hits brought Robin Gibb 50 million but, he says, it was his wife Dwina who brought him liberation.... As we sit by the pool in their sumptuous Miami mansion, he looks at her and says: "Dwina's brought
something to my private life which I doubt any other woman could bring." As for Dwina, she says: "If Robin hadn't come along, I would never have married. Definitely not."
She may not be a great advocate of marriage, but the couple have been together 15 years now and celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary on July 31st. They have even weathered the storm that raged in the British tab…

Stephen Gibb joins Sandra and Wenda to share family stories and his own musical adventures.

after the presentation of the Grammy February 7th. Barry will start working and recording on his new solo album according to Steve. Which is planned to be ready for release by the end of 2015, early 2016.

Stephen Gibb (yes, Barry’s son) joins Sandra and Wenda to share family stories and his own musical adventures.


Samantha Gibb NEW Single Memories on itunes!!

Samantha Gibb NEW Single Memories on itunes!! Check it out its a great song!!

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Window-shopping in Mayfair with the Bee Gees in1967,

Snapshot, 1967:

Window-shopping in Mayfair with the Bee Gees 18 January 2015 In 1967,

we find Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb admiring Bentleys and Rolls-Royces through the window of renowned automotive dealer Jack Barclay’s Berkeley Square showroom. But with international success imminent, they won’t need to window-shop for much longer…

After some early success in Australia, the brothers Gibb have returned to their homeland, where Beatles promoter Brian Epstein has taken control of the band’s management duties. He passes a demo tape to producer Robert Stigwood – who immediately hands them a five-year record deal, pretty much unheard-of at the time. From this moment, the fortunes of Barry, Robin and Maurice rise steeply, and the luxury saloons sold by the likes of Jack Barclay have all of a sudden become a reality:

 Christmas will see Stigwood buy the trio a 1948 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith as a festive reward. An Aston Martin DB6 and a Mini Cooper soon join the fleet, as does a…

Barry Gibb's emotional powhiri before Mission show

Friday Feb 22, 2013

For this year's Mission Concert artist Barry Gibb, the moment was clearly enchanting and emotional. Three members of a powhiri group which put on a welcome and a cultural greeting for the Bee Gee in Hawke's Bay yesterday stepped forward and sang to him, delivering a beautiful rendition of How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?, one of the many songs he and his brothers Robin and Maurice gave to the world.

It came at the end of a Maori welcome which transfixed and delighted the Gibb whanau and their friends. The song was perfect for the occasion, after they were welcomed by Ngati Kahungunu's Hunni Williams who after greeting them explained that after Mr Gibb had accepted the traditional challenge he had been welcomed ``into our hearts.'' "Barry, welcome ... welcome ... your people are all with us today spiritually,"

Mr Williams said. Mr Gibb stood and returned the greeting. "We love you and thank you all for your incredible love,"…


von Robbie Gennet, Keyboard Magazine, Dez 2014

The dynamic keyboard duo of Doug Emery and Ben Stivers began their musical journey studying jazz at the University of Miami and quickly became sought after on the Miami music scene. Stivers met the Gibb brothers in the early 1990s, working with them in their studio and eventually on their live shows and TV performances. Along the way, he and Emery formed a symbiotic partnership that is rare in the keyboard world and has served them well with major Latin acts such as pianist Di Blasio and pop star Chayanne. For Barry Gibb’s first solo tour, Stivers’ and Emery’s skills were put to the test, and Keyboard got the inside scoop.

Blue Weaver was on keyboards for the iconic Bee Gees tunes. In digging back through this music, what did you discover about him?

Ben Stivers: He’s more responsible for the sound of their music than maybe he gets credit for. It’s his harmonic vocabulary, especially on a song like “How Deep Is Your Love,” with its Rhodes …

Songs you might not have thought were written by The Bee Gees

"Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You" by Teri DeSario 

"Buried Treasure" by Kenny Rogers (backing vocals The Gatlin Brothers)

"Chain Reaction" by Diana Ross

"Come on Over" by Olivia Newton-John

"Emotion" by Samantha Sang and by Destiny's Child

"Gilbert Green" by Gerry Marsden

"Grease" by Frankie Valli

"Guilty" and "Woman in Love" by Barbra Streisand

"Heartbreaker" & "All the Love in the World" by Dionne Warwick

"Hold On to My Love" by Jimmy Ruffin

"I Will Be There" by Tina Turner

"If I Can't Have You" by Yvonne Elliman

"Immortality" by Celine Dion

"Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

"Morning of My Life" by Abi and Esther Ofarim and by Mary Hopkin

"Only One Woman" by The Marbles

"Rest Your Love on Me" by Conway Twitty

"Sacred Trust" by One True Voice