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Bee Gees Win International Award - AMA 1997

Bee Gees: Gail Williams talks to Bee Gee Barry Gibb

By Gail Williams, The Sunday Times,
 March 6, 2005)

 With 'Saturday Night Fever' soon to hit the Perth stage, GAIL WILLIAMS talks to Bee Gee Barry Gibb, whose music helped define an era of white satin suits, fabulous flares and strutting on the dance floor.

The Manchester-laced voice of Barry Gibb - he of the tight pants and gold chains and the hairy third of the mega group the Bee Gees - says down the phone that he still calls Australia home. The toothily handsome Bee Gee is one of the top five most successful artists in pop-music history. He's in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. His face has even appeared to a British carpenter on a toasted crumpet, who immediately interpreted the vision as a sign of the second coming of Christ. But that's another story.

Let's just say that for a legion of well-worn groovers who cut their adolescent teeth on 'Spicks and Specks' Barry Gibb is an all-round icon.


(TG Magazine, September 1978) "How does it feel being on top of the music business?" Maurice Gibb, one-third of the most successful act in the history of popular music, knows and answers. "Fabulous," he says, almost without thinking. But there's something hollow about the answer.

Maurice Gibb. The name - along with those of twin brother Robin and older brother Barry - is magic. Over the past two years, the Bee Gees have redefined the meaning of success. The soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever (sold exclusively on the strength of the Bee Gees' name, even though it contains only five tracks by the Gibbs) is selling so well in the United States that customers don't get a complete set of records and jacket - they get the records and a coupon which they can exchange for a jacket later when the printer is able to catch up with the demand.

In Canada, the Saturday Night Fever album has sold almost 1.5 milli…

The Life of a Song: ‘To Love Somebody’

By Ian Mccan Barry Gibb only revealed the inspiration for the Bee Gees’ third UK single more than 30 years after its release ©GettyThe Bee Gees in 1968, from back left: Vince Melouney, Maurice Gibb (centre), Barry Gibb; on front row: Robin Gibb, Colin Petersen It is perhaps the mark of a great song that it fits any musical genre. If that’s true, then the Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody” is a great song. Fans of baroque 1960s pop think it belongs to them. Soul believers swear it’s theirs. Country scions claim it, too. However, the object of the lyrics’ deep longing remained a mystery for decades.

FT is our new essential daily email briefing of the best stories from across the web The Bee Gees had not been in Britain long when they recorded “To Love Somebody”, their third UK single. They had arrived from Australia in November 1966 and signed a management deal with Robert Stigwood, who found them a contract with Polydor Records. Stigwood, an astute Australian who worked for Brian Epstein, touted…

Barry Gibb - Ian Meldrum Interview

The Bee Gees second interview about stayin alive

the Bee Gees and their music influences

Barry Gibb: "I like music that moves you emotionally, music where if you're in pain, it works for you. The first record I bought was 'Cryin' by Roy Orbison, and that destroyed me. I figured, 'There's a guy who's writing for people, who's writing for emotions." (1990)Robin Gibb: "The black music grooves me, influences me the most. The three of us, still get our inspiration from black music. It's the most innovative in terms of grooves." (Still Waters Press Kit, 1997)Maurice Gibb: "I've always admired Peter Gabriel and musicians like him, who've had longevity - I love anyone who can last this business because there's not many of us around." (Ok On Air, 2001)Robin Gibb: "We've often been influenced by lots of music in the past and today. I think you've got to stay, at some point, true to your art, and without, you know, you've got to sail between the winds of change, and if …

Dionne Warwick "Take the Short Way Home" "Misunderstood" "Heartbreaker"(Aplauso 13-11-82)

Dionne Warwick "Yours"(Aplauso 13-11-82)

Titanic live concerts

TITANIC LIVE CONCERT is a show written and produced by Robin Gibb, a member of the legendary Bee Gees, who died prematurely the May 20, 2012, together with his younger son, RJ GIBB.
The project aims to pay homage to the victims of the sinking of the Titanic, the "unsinkable" ship, which sailed on April 10, 1912 from the English harbour of Southampton and sank five days later in the freezing cold and deep waters of the North Atlantic, after hitting against a massive iceberg.
The symphonic concert becomes a unique spectacle in the genre. The orchestra composed of 60 elements and 30 elements of chorus with the addition of soloist singers are incorporated in the holographic scenography, which creates a virtual environment with images and high definition video able to instil in the audience the feeling of living the experience of the Titanic in first person. A real revolution, a fundamental turning point for live show that has never before been so captivating.
The sounds of the sea …

Bee gees on American Music Awards

What peers say about the Bee gees

PETER GABRIEL: "I tried to sing a bit like Robin Gibb on the second verse (of Genesis' Silent Sun) I'm sure we would have denied it at the time"
PAUL McCARTNEY: "It was the 'mining disaster' song that Robert Stigwood played me. I said 'sign them, they're great! And they went on to be even greater"
MARC BOLAN: "I remember David Bowie playing me Space Oddity in his room and I loved it and said he needed a sound like the Bee Gees"
BONO: "In terms of bands, there are five extraordinary catalogues that make me ill with envy. It doesn't have to be said the Bee Gees are up there with the Beatles"
MICHAEL JACKSON: "The Bee Gees are brilliant"
"Saturday Night Fever is what inspired me to record the Thriller album."
JOHN TRAVOLTA: "I've always felt that when Barry, Robin and Maurice get around a …


ROBERT STIGWOOD(Bee Gees manager from 1967 to 1980)
Reporter: Mr. Stigwood, what do the fans of the Bee Gees find appealing about them?

Stigwood: This might sound corny, but it is their poetry. These boys are completely uneducated. They don't even know how to spell. They write the lyrics out spelled phonetically. And the simple poetry appeals to the public.

Robin: We start with a title. The rest just flows from there. It's like a spiritual thing when we write. We know what the other one is thinking. Lonely Days was written in 10 minutes.

(Rolling Stone, 1971)
ARIF MARDIN(producer, credited for helping create the band's signature falsetto vocal style and revitalizing their sound into a dance/R&B sound)
"Usually when Barry writes the songs, or actually the three brothers write them, Barry would have the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar, and the song would take s…

Lulu Learned To Write Music By Watching The Bee Gees At Work

The Shout hitmaker, who was married to the late pop star for four years from 1969, reveals the 1970s icons taught her how to pen tracks.
She tells Britain's Attitude magazine, "I first got master classes in songwriting when I was married to Maurice - I used to sit and watch the Bee Gees write at home... So that's where I learned. I never wrote with Maurice, my brother did. I was slow, but I finally got there."

So We Danced by Samantha Gibb produced by Lazarus

Discovering The Bee Gees: Col Joyes’ big gamble paid off

ol Joye and The Joy Boys were pioneers in the rock industry took the Australian charts by storm in 1959. They were the first act to have three number ones in a calendar year with “Bye Bye Baby”; “Rockin’ Rollin’ Clementine” and the biggest selling record in Australia that year “Oh Yeah Uh Huh”.

They had many more hits and another number one in 1960 with “Yes Sir That’s My Baby”. But they had to wait until 1973 for their final number one hit, “Heaven Is My Woman’s Love” another top selling Australian song of the year. But perhaps Col Joye’s biggest contribution to the Australian music scene started at a party on the Gold Coast in 1961. At about 3am he was about to leave when he was told to hang around to hear these three local kids performing, at 3.15 they performed and Col joys one word reaction was “Knockout!”

The trio comprised of twins Robin and Maurice Gibb and their elder brother Barry. Col invited them to perform with him at a Church gig the following day, when he decided to tape …

Official trailer of JOY, with TO LOVE SOMEBODY of the Bee Gees

Joy Posted October 21 2015 — 9:08 AM EDT Related 'Joy' trailer:

 Jennifer Lawrence can't always get what she wants Jennifer Lawrence on the 'Joy' of working with David O. Russell

How does director David O. Russell want people to react to the new trailer for his film, Joy? “I want it to be unexpected,” he says. “I want people to see that it’s exciting and that it’s emotional and it’s intense and it’s funny and it’s new. It’s something we’ve never done before.” The trailer for Joy – in theaters this Christmas – certainly takes a much deeper dive into Russell’s latest film starring Jennifer Lawrence, an epic journey examining one woman’s life from age 10 to age 40 as she becomes the matriarch of her family.

“It’s about emotion and about people and humanity and what is ridiculous and ordinary about them but where that becomes extraordinary and magical. That’s that place where we live,” says Russell. It’s a much more grown-up Lawrence than we’re used to s…

List of Bee Gees TOP 10 Awards

Below is a list of the Top 10 awards won by the Bee Gees throughout their years as one of the most celebratedmusical groups in the world.

10) Billboard’s Top Pop Producers:
Although Billboard did not have a televised awards show back in the ‘70s, they still highlighted the year’s greatest musicians within the magazine. In 1978, the Bee Gees scooped up several awards including the year’s Top Pop Producers.

9) Billboard’s Top Pop Albums Artist
The brothers also wrapped up their ultra-successful year winning the title of Top Pop Albums Artist.

8) Grammy for Best Arrangement for Voices
The group that defined disco dominated the 1979 Grammys. The Bee Gees took home the award for Best Arrangement for Voices for their catchy hit “Stayin’ Alive.” In total, the pop stars walked away with an impressive five awards making them the second group or duo to win five Grammys in a single night (the first was Simon & Garfunkel in 1971).

7) Grammy for Album of the Year
The Saturday Night Fever alb…


(Beat Instrumental, 13 May 1968)

In only a shade over a year, the Bee Gees have made an enviable impact here in Britain. They’ve also shaken a lot of people by cutting across established lines of a group career. Like releasing no less than six singles in 12 months; and by launching a tour with a Royal Albert Hall orchestra of some 67 musicians behind them.
They are five boys with a nice and uncontrived line in modesty and a built-in sense of perfectionist ambition. But are they going TOO far in their efforts to please?

Barry says “In Germany, then at the Albert Hall and later on the tour, we carried a large orchestra with us. Okay, at the Albert Hall we gave the cynics a certain amount of ammunition. An RAF band, a choir, a near-symphony orchestra … it was obvious that some knockers would say we over did it – and worse that we got ourselves out numbered simply because we couldn’t depend on our own music to get us through.
“But …

Musician-songwriter Stephen Gibb got a hard-rocking start sept 29 2015

Stephen Gibb, son of Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees, has written music and toured with his father for so many years now one might think that the Miami Beach musician was a Bee Gee by birth.
To some extent, Gibb’s early arts awakening was informed by the pop, R&B and dance music he heard around the house from his prodigious dad and his late uncles, Robin and Maurice Gibb. Together, the Brothers Gibb, along with their late youngest brother Andy, wrote the soundtrack for multiple generations dating back to the 1967 release of Bee Gees 1st. Made-in-Miami ’70s and ’80s classics like Jive Talking, the Saturday Night Fever tunes, Shadow Dancing, the music Barry wrote and produced for Barbra Streisand’s landmark Guilty album and You Win Again cemented the trio’s legacy.

Stephen Gibb is writing songs for his solo album, as well as writing and playing with his father Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees on a new album, both due in early 2016. Stephen Gibb “In my situation I was surrounded by music, always,…

Barry Gibb at ONJ Gala Dinner 2015 part 2

© unknown

Barry Gibb at Olivia Newton John cancer and Wellness charity gala septh 19TH 2015

Barry Gibb Bee Gees Way Redcliffe Qld. on Today Show 14/9/15

Bee Gees fever sweeps Brisbane as Barry Gibb makes star appearance

Starts at Sixty Writers

It’s the town that holds Barry Gibb’s heart north of Brisbane, and yesterday it was Bee Gees fever in Redcliffe as thousands of people flocked to see their star.
The small city of Redcliffe, 30 minutes north of Brisbane, is where it all began for the Bee Gees, as it was there in the seaside suburb of Scarborough that the three brothers, Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb, signed their very first music contract.
Over the next five decades they became one of the world’s greatest performance artists and songwriters.
In February 2013, Barry Gibb and Moreton Bay Regional Council unveiled a new statue and walkway called Bee Gees Way to honour the band and the most famous Redcliffe residents.
But this year, Bee Gees Way underwent stage two of its development, and Barry Gibb was there to talk about his early years and meet and greet the tens of thousands of fans that gathered along Redcliffe’s beachfront.
ABC reports the new display will feature a glass structure holding a repli…

Bee Gees fever takes over Redcliffe

Barry Gibb, formerly of Bee Gees, is welcomed back to his home town on September 9, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia. Photo: Chris Hyde His jive talking was just what adoring fans wanted to hear. 
Barry Gibb was cheered on Friday as he returned to Redcliffe to open the second stage of the public walkway named after the Bee Gees.
Another statue of the BeeGees has been installed along BeeGees Way in Redcliffe. Photo: Loretta Ryan The 50 metre long BeeGees Way opened in 2013 with a bronze statue of Barry and twin brothers Robin and Maurice as boys, as well as a visual history of the band.
Advertisement The second section features a new bronze statue of the trio, plus a glass structure that holds a replica of the first contract they signed in 1959. 
Gibb addressed the enthusiastic crowd who gathered on the Redcliffe Parade foreshore, telling them the peninsula was where he and his brothers embraced their love of music.
"Ultimately I didn't want to leave Redclif…