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Has country and bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs gone disco?

Not exactly. But the multiple CMA and Grammy-award winning artist collaborated with Barry Gibb of “Saturday Night Fever” fame on one of the songs on his new album, “Music to My Ears.”

“There’s a whole lot more to the Bee Gees than what most people remember,” Skaggs told “I mean, just songs like, ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart,’ ‘I Started a Joke,’ ‘To Love Somebody’–songs like that, I’m telling you, they are prime country songs.”
After hearing a song Gibb wrote, “Soldier’s Son,” Skaggs asked the author of “Night Fever” and “Stayin’ Alive” to sing on his new album.

“I asked him just to think about it. I told him he didn’t have to give me an answer right now, but just think about if he’d be willing to come and sing on this record with me,” explained Skaggs. “Barry said, ‘I don’t have to think about it, I’m going to give you an absolute yes right now. I want to do it!’”
Gibb even fulfilled a childhood dream with Skaggs this past July. Before rehearsals for an unannounced show …

Heartache of the unknown Gibb sister who sang with the Bee Gees

Heartache of the unknown Gibb sister who sang with the Bee Gees
May 27, 2012 00:00
By Dominic Herbert
Lesley Evans, who turned down stardom, has buried three of her brothers who died premature deaths

She's the Bee Gee people have never heard of. The sister who sang with the band in their early days but turned down stardom.
Lesley Evans, 67, has always stayed in the background, away from the limelight loved by her legendary brothers.
Only the most die-hard Bee Gee fans know she exists.
But today she opens her heart to the Sunday Mirror for the first time about her anguish at the death of her younger brother Robin after losing his twin Maurice and ­youngest brother Andy too.
And she talks about her amazing memories of growing up in the Gibb family – and how she once saved Robin’s life. Holding a treasured photo of herself and the superstar, Lesley tells how her only ­surviving brother Barry Gibb, 65, called her to tell her Robin was dying of cancer.
“Just before he died, Barry rang and said …

Barry Gibb -The worst part on losing my brothers

The worst part of losing my brothers? We weren't even friends at the end: In a soul-baring confession, Barry Gibb tells of the guilt, remorse and loneliness of being the last of the Bee GeesBy David Wigg Published: 20:59 GMT, 4 July 2013 | Updated: 00:57 GMT, 5 July 2013

The first time Barry Gibb went on stage to perform solo as the last surviving Bee Gee, he was urged on by his wife Linda. She told him to stop moping over the death of his brothers, get off his backside and make music again.   
Even so, it was a lonely moment. ‘The realisation that my brothers — first Maurice and now Robin — weren’t standing next to me any more made me feel pretty isolated,’ he says.
‘When I looked left or right, they weren’t there with me.

Maurice’s death in 2003 and Robin’s last year had been a huge trauma for me and everyone in our family. Before that, in 1988, we’d lost our kid brother Andy, who had his own solo career, and my father, Hugh, died soon after.
‘Robin’s much more rece…

The diva teamed with the Bee Gee for 'Guilty' and, on Oct. 25, 1980,

The diva teamed with the Bee Gee for 'Guilty' and, on Oct. 25, 1980, the album and her single 'Woman in Love' both topped the charts.

AT THE START OF 1980, BARBRA STREISAND, then 37, was in the middle of a red-hot streak on the Billboard Hot 100, having landed eight consecutive top 40 hits in just two years. Among those were the No. 1s "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" with Neil Diamond and "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" with Donna Summer. At the same time, Barry Gibb, 33, was enjoying his own career high: He had just notched six straight No. 1 singles with the Bee Gees between 1977 and 1979.

A collaboration between the two might have sounded like a no-brainer, but it almost didn't happen. Streisand approached Gibb with the idea after seeing the Bee Gees in concert in 1979, but Gibb told Billboard in 1983 that he was "very nervous at first" about the offer because of "stories about how tough she is." His concerns proved unf…

Barry Gibb new song for T.G. Sheppard

T.G Sheppard
I'm working on my new solo album that will be coming out in 2015. I'm excited about that because one of my closest friends Barry Gibb gave me a great new song that he wrote just for me. It's a honor to have him write a song for the project. He's one of the top two songwriters in the world. Paul McCartney is no 1 and Barry is no. 2
Being pitched a song of that caliber means more to me than he'll ever know . It's called "Midnight in Memphis"and  it's a great song. I won't do the song live until i figure out how I want to do record it. That will happen in the next few months.

Request PR boost of 50 St. Catherine's Drive BY Robin-John Gibb

Hello guys, this is a request to pass on the news of the release of 50 St. Catherine's Drive to everyone and anyone you know or who is a fan. The PR needs this boost. So I thought who better than the loyal fans to get behind my father's final work to try and give it the recognition it deserves. Saturday Night Fever had no advertisement and it was only word of mouth that shot it to blockbuster status, if you want to help in the same vein then start spreading the news. Also I have an extensive amount of my own music to publish and of work myself and my father created together so if there are any agents, good PR officers and pluggers, then now is the time to rear your head,
I would love to hear from you,
Best wishes

release recording of Broken Bottles by Dionne Warwick

The recording of Broken Bottles by Dionne Warwick is scheduled for inclusion on  an expanded edition of her "Finder of Lost Loves" album in November.

 Amazon UK listing:
Amazon US listing:

Disc: 11. No One In The World 2. Without Your Love 3. Run To Me 4. Finder Of Lost Loves 5. Love Doesn t Live Here Anymore 6. Its You 7. Its Love 8. Bedroom Eyes 9. Weakness 10. You Made Me Want To Love Again Disc: 21. Broken Bottles (unreleased) 2. Dangerous (Unreleased Demo) 3. Finder of Lost Loves (Duet Version with Luther Vandross (Unreleased) 4. Finder of Lost Loves (Dionne Solo Version with Luther Vandross Background Vocals - Unreleased) 5. No One in the World (Alternate Version - Unreleased) 6. Without Your Love (7 inch version) 7. Run To Me (7 inch version) 8. Its Love (7 inch version) 9. Bedroom Eyes (Alternate Version - Unr…

Bee Gees Album: Bee Gees’ 1st Year

Artist: Bee Gees Album: Bee Gees’ 1st Year: 1967 by Joe Jamnitzky November 2012

Anytime the Bee Gees are brought up, the first thing that comes to the mind of the general public is disco. Considering their arguably greatest dose of superstardom came as a result of one of the most hated music genres in recent history, people tend to cringe just at hearing their name.

This is a bit unfortunate, though, because what a lot of people tend to forget is that he Bee Gees had been around since the mid-60’s, had a number of hits during that time period, and were actually a full band that focused on rock, pop, soul, and psychedelia. “Bee Gees’ 1st” (actually their 3rd album, but the first one to be released internationally) demonstrates that perfectly.

For one thing, the group was an actual band at this time. While the brothers still did all the singing (their harmonies here are one of the few things that make it obvious who they are), they also did quite a bit of the guitar, bass, organ, har…

When Aston was Maurice's only friend

When Aston was Maurice's only friend

Disc and Music Echo, 19. Juli 1969

Aston de Maurice de Beaudier is currently spending his summer holidays in Henley. He isn't punting up and down the river or eating strawberry teas.... He's being house-trained. And his owners, Maurice and Lulu Gibb, miss their Pyrenean mountain dog very much.

"It's sad," says Maurice, "but it's got to be done or he'd be a bind to live with. And there isn't really enough room for him in our house any more. It was all right when he was smaller and there was just me living there, but now it really is too small."

So when Maurice and Lulu went house-hunting for a bigger place for them to settle down in, Aston was one of the prime considerations. And in August 1st the Gibbs hope to move into a five-bedroomed house in Hampstead, with a huge garden. The present owner has even agreed to leave her dog kennel behind, although Maurice fears Aston will never fit into it…