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Hello Everyone ,

 It has recently been decided by the record company that an instrumental piece that
I first composed around 2006 and then started writing lyrics for shortly thereafter has been
chosen as a single. The song, which a lot of you are aware of already, is Instant Love.
Shortly before the Titanic Requiem (as my father and I would work on different genres together and if we both decided write on a piece we both liked we just went
with the flow) I played him the song. He sang some demo vocals to it and the rest is history.
We then wrote the lyrics together and I finally completed the backing, orchestrationand overall production when I finished production works on 50 St Catherine's drive at Red Bus
Studios in March of this year.
It was then mixed at Metropolis and will be released later this year.

 Instant Love was originally going to be a club piece and now it is the mainstream piece
it deserves to be (yet the lines are indeed blurred these days and there's nothing wrong
with that) but can still touch the club industry as there is a dance mix for future post-release.
The single will be the original version...
With my father and I singing a verse each and the chorus together.
My father laid down some amazing harmonics as well.
There was another version with just myself singing, when my father wanted to feature
 Instant Love on 50 St Catherine's Drive with me on the vocals. There was also the demo
 version from when we first started developing the song with just my father singing the lyrics,
 but even though it is not finished studio quality, if you have managed to get hold of it then
 kudos to you as it will of course be a "digital collectors item").
In the end we decided then that the original cannot be beat and I still have the
same sentiments.
It truly is touching in my opinion and I hope you all enjoy the final outcome.

 Love and best wishes to you and yours as always,
Whoever you may be,
RJ xx


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