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Barry Gibb Love and Hope Ball 2012 (Tribute to Brothers)

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Gibb collective part 13 and 14

Gibb collective part 10, 11 and 12

The Gibb Collective are asking for your help to get on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

Sam & Spencer Gibb for UNICEF

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A video made by Samantha and Spencer Gibb ,It is for UNICEF ftoday (October 17) being the International Eradication of Poverty


Gibb collective part 6 ,7 8 and 9

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Gibb Collective Fan Submitted Questions

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review cd PP Arnold

Anyone who finds Eric Clapton and The Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb stepping up to offer their services as their producer is obviously special. It’s a view reinforced by knowing Rolling Stones’ manager Andrew Loog Oldham and Small Faces were already their champions. Only one person fits this unique bill.
P.P. Arnold has had no lack of starry support yet her passage through the music business has been disjointed. The release of The Turning Tide adds to what was known and also plugs gaps. The 13-cut album collects tracks she made with Clapton, Gibb and Elton John associate Caleb Quaye. All but two are previously unissued. While the music itself is as expected – powerful gospel-rooted soul-rock – this is a major release, bolstering the awareness that Arnold was integral to the higher echelons of late-Sixties/early Seventies British rock.

The US-born Pat Arnold – as she was before photographer Gered Mankowitz recast her name to make it more eye catching – arrived in Britain in September 1966 as an I…

Barry Gibb – My Favourite Vinyl

We asked the Bee Gees icon Barry Gibb to dig through his song catalogue and reveal which of his classic hits mean the most to him…Heartbreaker –  1979
“Funnily enough, Dionne Warwick didn’t like Heartbreaker when we first played it to her. She told me, ‘this song doesn’t get me off’.
I diplomatically said, ‘why don’t you do it anyway, and we can always toss it away if you dont like it?’. You have to be pateient in the studio sometimes and this one paid off.”
I Just Want To Be Your Everything – 1977
“This was our young brother Andy’s first No. 1. We never selected who should sing what in the old days, there was no sense of competition, Robin would sing one or I did. The sense of competition came when we had success.
That’s when everyone in the group wanted a bit of individual attention. But this one felt right for Andy and we loved hearing him sing it.”
Barry Gibb – Shadows – 2016
“This is a new one, it’s my Roy Orbison song, the constant drive upwards, like he did with Crying, which I consid…

Larry Gatlin talks about writing with Barry Gibb

DN: You mentioned Barry Gibb. What was it like to co-write with him and other artists.

Gatlin: I wrote 34 top 40 hits for us. I didn’t do the co-writing thing; it wasn’t my deal. When I was in Nashville, it was not that big of a deal, a few people did co-writing. Mickey Newbury was a huge influence on me, and he told me he knew my heart and that I should sing my own songs. He told me if I had a hit and it was somebody else’s song it would break my heart if I had to sing it for years, so that’s how I built my career, and it worked. I’m in the top 10 of artists with number one songs without a co-writer.

Now when Barry Gibb asks you to co-write a song, you ask him where he wants you to be and when. It was a new experience for me and he is such a great friend. The result was “Indian Summer” which we recorded with Roy Orbison. Five years ago, I moved back to Nashville and did some writing with John Rich and Leslie Satcher and some folks. I enjoyed it … a little bit. I am not sure if I’l…