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The Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb awarded knighthood in New Year's Honours list 2018

Congratulations to SIR Barry Gibb

The independer

Ringo Starr, Strictly Come Dancing judge Darcey Bussell, and acclaimed author Michael Morpurgo were also named in the 2018 honours list

The Beatles' Ringo Starr and Bee Gees co-founder Barry Gibb have both been awarded knighthoods in the New Year Honours.
Gibb, who rose to global fame as co-founder and frontman of one of the most successful groups of all time, dedicated the honour to his late brothers and former bandmates, and said he was "deeply honoured, humbled, and very proud".
"This is a moment to be treasured and never forgotten," he added. "I want to acknowledge how responsible my brothers are for this honour. It is as much theirs as it is mine."
His knighthood follows a triumphant set for the Legend Slot at 2017's Glastonbury Festival, where he performed classic hits such as "Stayin' Alive", "Tragedy" and "Night Fever".
Starr was honoured for his contributions to …

No Place is My Home - The Tree Gees

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No Place is My Home - The Tree Gees Arranged by The Tree Gees Available on Vinyl Limited Edition Artwork and drawings : Maxo Ruggiero Video by Ted Vision Ap Beat Publishingvideo

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Robin Gibb A Brush With Fame

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rare. videoclip saw a new morning

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GSI was contacted this week about a new book which will be released the coming week about the area in Manchester where our Brothers Gibb grew up before leaving for Australia.
The writers of the book invited the family through me to be present at the book launch....
The evening will be opened by The Lord Mayor of Manchester and GSI will report about it of course as several of the Gibb Family members are planning to visit this book launch.
The book is called The Quirks of Chorlton-cum-Hardy.
The history of Chorlton from a very different angle, written by local historian Andrew Simpson, together with Manchester artist Peter Topping’s paintings.
This 200 page, full colour title, tells the stories of the unusual, the odd, the bizarre, the eccentric and our much loved Chorlton personalities and quirky buildings.

Source GSI

Listen to Night Fever : The rise of the Bee Gees BBC Radio, November 15 2017.

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Ana Matronic marks today's 40th anniversary of the release of the blockbuster soundtrack. The 1977 soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever catapulted the Gibb brothers into the public consciousness. Fuelled by the movie's success, the soundtrack broke multiple industry records, becoming the highest-selling album in recording history up to that point. With more than 40 million copies sold, Saturday Night Fever is among music's top 5 selling soundtracks.
Featuring a stellar cast boasting an exclusive interview with Barry Gibb.

videos Barry Gibb at MTSU 10-28-2013

Singer-Songwriter Barry Gibb Named MTSU Inaugural Fellow

Music icon Barry Gibb easily traced the genealogy of the Bee Gees classic “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” for more than 900 fans and friends at MTSU’s Tucker Theatre Monday night, Oct 28.
Poignantly recalling his and his late brothers’ love for country music from their Australian childhood, the singer-songwriter-producer gently began picking out a Hank Locklin country classic on his acoustic guitar while talking with Beverly Keel, chair of MTSU’s Department of Recording Industry.
“The first country song I ever recall hearing was Johnny Tillotson’s [cover of] ‘Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On,’” Gibb said. “We only got the one radio station in Australia, and the people we heard classified as ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ were Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash.
“‘Crying’ was the first record I ever bought. … We love country. It all comes from the pathos. We always loved a sad story,” he continued, segueing smoothly into “How Can You Mend,” the brothers Gibb’s first U.S. No. 1 single.
The audience, whic…

Barry Gibb Developing Bee Gees Musical

A Bee Gees musical is in the works, with Universal Theatrical Group securing rights to the legendary band's life story and music. Singer Barry Gibb, the group's only surviving member, will executive produce the as-yet-untitled project.

Their brotherly love and musical savvy turned the beat around to disco, and without Maurice it just won't be the same UTG, Universal's live theater division, secured rights to the musical with Barry Gibb, Yvonne Gibb (wife of the late Maurice Gibb until the singers 2003 death) and the estate of Robin Gibb (who died in 2012). In a statement, Barry Gibb called the project a "wonderful opportunity" for his family.
"I'm personally very excited to be a part of the creative process along with Yvonne and Dwina," he said. "It's another adventure for us and a chance to throw the spotlight on all my brothers and finally the real story of us will be told. It's an honor to be working alongside the people I …

november 15 2017 broadcast night fever the rise of the Beegees on BBC radio

The 1977 soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever catapulted the Gibb brothers into the public consciousness. Fuelled by the movie's success, the soundtrack broke multiple industry records, becoming the highest-selling album in recording history up to that point. With more than 40 million copies sold, Saturday Night Fever is among music's top 5 selling soundtracks.
Featuring a stellar cast boasting an exclusive interview with Barry Gibb.

Barry Gibb Love and Hope Ball 2012 (Tribute to Brothers)

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Gibb collective part 13 and 14

Gibb collective part 10, 11 and 12

The Gibb Collective are asking for your help to get on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

Sam & Spencer Gibb for UNICEF

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A video made by Samantha and Spencer Gibb ,It is for UNICEF ftoday (October 17) being the International Eradication of Poverty


Gibb collective part 6 ,7 8 and 9

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Gibb Collective Fan Submitted Questions

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review cd PP Arnold

Anyone who finds Eric Clapton and The Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb stepping up to offer their services as their producer is obviously special. It’s a view reinforced by knowing Rolling Stones’ manager Andrew Loog Oldham and Small Faces were already their champions. Only one person fits this unique bill.
P.P. Arnold has had no lack of starry support yet her passage through the music business has been disjointed. The release of The Turning Tide adds to what was known and also plugs gaps. The 13-cut album collects tracks she made with Clapton, Gibb and Elton John associate Caleb Quaye. All but two are previously unissued. While the music itself is as expected – powerful gospel-rooted soul-rock – this is a major release, bolstering the awareness that Arnold was integral to the higher echelons of late-Sixties/early Seventies British rock.

The US-born Pat Arnold – as she was before photographer Gered Mankowitz recast her name to make it more eye catching – arrived in Britain in September 1966 as an I…

Barry Gibb – My Favourite Vinyl

We asked the Bee Gees icon Barry Gibb to dig through his song catalogue and reveal which of his classic hits mean the most to him…Heartbreaker –  1979
“Funnily enough, Dionne Warwick didn’t like Heartbreaker when we first played it to her. She told me, ‘this song doesn’t get me off’.
I diplomatically said, ‘why don’t you do it anyway, and we can always toss it away if you dont like it?’. You have to be pateient in the studio sometimes and this one paid off.”
I Just Want To Be Your Everything – 1977
“This was our young brother Andy’s first No. 1. We never selected who should sing what in the old days, there was no sense of competition, Robin would sing one or I did. The sense of competition came when we had success.
That’s when everyone in the group wanted a bit of individual attention. But this one felt right for Andy and we loved hearing him sing it.”
Barry Gibb – Shadows – 2016
“This is a new one, it’s my Roy Orbison song, the constant drive upwards, like he did with Crying, which I consid…

Larry Gatlin talks about writing with Barry Gibb

DN: You mentioned Barry Gibb. What was it like to co-write with him and other artists.

Gatlin: I wrote 34 top 40 hits for us. I didn’t do the co-writing thing; it wasn’t my deal. When I was in Nashville, it was not that big of a deal, a few people did co-writing. Mickey Newbury was a huge influence on me, and he told me he knew my heart and that I should sing my own songs. He told me if I had a hit and it was somebody else’s song it would break my heart if I had to sing it for years, so that’s how I built my career, and it worked. I’m in the top 10 of artists with number one songs without a co-writer.

Now when Barry Gibb asks you to co-write a song, you ask him where he wants you to be and when. It was a new experience for me and he is such a great friend. The result was “Indian Summer” which we recorded with Roy Orbison. Five years ago, I moved back to Nashville and did some writing with John Rich and Leslie Satcher and some folks. I enjoyed it … a little bit. I am not sure if I’l…

the 36 year anniversary of the song "Don't Fall In Love With Me" release this Sunday, Oct.1st.’

Here is the link for the video/post. It is for the 36year anniversary of the song "Don't Fall In Love With Me" release this Sunday, Oct.1st.’
Enjoy …. Spencer Gibb perform Don't Fall In Love in his studio.
"Don't fall In Love With Me" came off of the BG album "Living Eyes" on October 1st 1981.

Almost eaten in Miami by an alligator, while me and that dipstick Rodders were shouting at a Bee Gee?

september 24  2017Only on Fools And Horses! DAVID JASON on his pride at the comedy's family appeal

The Christmas special is a simple way to measure the growing success of Only Fools And Horses: in 1982, during the second series, we were obliged to pretend that the Dorset coast was Malaga in order to save money. In 1991, by contrast, we were off to Miami to film in and around the Everglades.

I can safely say without fear of contradiction that this was the first time I had ever acted alongside an alligator. They say you should never work with children or animals, and they may be right. But you should certainly never work with animals that have sharp teeth and snapping jaws. The creature chosen for the part went by the unimaginative stage name of Al the Gator. Al was roughly the length of Ipswich and — in common with many of his kind — had a demeanour that said: ‘Don’t mess with me.’ His ROLE was to take a run at Nicholas Lyndhurst, as Rodney, and me, perched on a log, ready…

THE BEE GEES: The BrandLaureate Premiere Award

september 19 2017

In recognition of their success as a globally acclaimed band, The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF) recently awarded the last surviving member of the group, Barry Gibb, with The BrandLaureate Legendary Award; and on behalf of his band The Bee Gees with The BrandLaureate Premier Award.

Formed in 1958, the trio had their first hit in 1967, and became even more famous with their stirring ballads and catchy dance songs, especially the disco era in the mid-to-late 1970s, with hits like Stayin’ Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, and More Than a Woman from the Saturday Night Fever (1977) soundtrack.

Their earlier hits include: To Love Somebody (1967), I Started a Joke (1968), How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (1971), You Should Be Dancing (1976), Too Much Heaven (1979) and Tragedy (1979) amongst many others.

They wrote all their own hits as well as write and produce for other artists. The group sang recognizable three-part tight harmonies — Robin’s clear vibrato lead vocals were a…

Celebrate the Saturday Night Fever 40th Anniversary

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever , the official soundtrack will be re-released in a brand new deluxe edition on November 17th! Including the original soundtrack on 2LP & 2CD (plus 4 remixes), the original movie on BluRay, a 24 page book, 5 art prints, a movie poster and turntable mat, the Bee Gees' Saturday Night Fever returns bigger and better than ever. Pre-order yours now!

Happy 40th Anniversary to Andy Gibb’s debut album Flowing Rivers, originally released September 9, 1977

Andy Gibb's story is often told with an unfortunate lack of emphasis on his music, except when it fits into a backhanded narrative about 70s kitsch. The fact of the matter is that Andy was exceptionally talented, and his debut album Flowing Rivers brimmed with promise. The majority of the project showcased his original songs, many of which had been written prior to his arrival in the United States where he signed a recording contract in the summer of 1976 with RSO Records. Flowing Rivers was a culmination of about two years' worth of writing and recording, which Andy had begun while living and working in Australia—a training ground strongly suggested by his older brothers Barry, Robin, and Maurice as the experience was a critical catalyst in the evolution of the Bee Gees.

At the helm of those early sessions was famed Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Col Joye, who had, intriguingly, also produced his brothers' debut single, "The Battle of the Blue and The…

Ronan Keating has reflected on the amazing time he spent working with Bee Gees legend Barry Gibb in the late 90s

Ronan Keating says getting to spend a week writing songs with Bee Gees legend Barry Gibb was an "amazing experience".

The former Boyzone singer was involved in the recording of the disco legends' compilation LP 'Love Songs' and co-wrote and produced the song 'Lovers and Friends' in 1999 with Barry and his late brother Maurice, who sadly died four years later at the age of 53.

Speaking during his first ever Breakfast Show for Magic Radio on Monday (04.09.17), Ronan recalled: "We spent five days away together writing and recording. It goes without saying how special The Bee Gees are and for me to work and spend time with Barry who's such a legendary writer is always such an amazing experience."

The Bee Gees - which also included the late Robin Gibb, who died of cancer in Mary 2012 - released the album consisting of all of their ballads in 2005 and it features some lesser known hits including 'Secret Love' and 'For Whom the Bell Tolls&…

Bee Gees interview Brit Awards Special

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the adoration Trilogy

The Adoration Trilogy
A collaboration between Roger Daltrey and Alistair Morrison in aid of children's cancer charities. The Adoration Trilogy - Searching for Apollo. 13th November 2017
 Barry Gibb will cooperate together with many more artists!
More info when available.

Part One: Searching for Apollo Where the legendary men of music meet
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Watch video of Barry Gibb


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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Official Trailer (HD)

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A letter to all fans about some plans to create a special memory for Andy Gibb in Miami Beach, next March. etc. GSI was asked to assist by spreading the word of this special idea to some other fangroups around the world and to all the Gibb fans. GSI has signed a letter which will be send to the City Of Miami Beach in name of all fans of GSI website and GSI Facebookgroup!! Fans do not have to sign individually! 

 We hope you will like the idea. More information will follow as soon as available Thank you Deborah for starting this initiative. Marion / GSI FOR ANDY GIBB'S MEMORY 

 Deborah CRISTINA, Sicily (Italy) My Dear Lifelong Fans of our beloved Andy GIBB, I decided to embark on this adventure because some years ago Andy GIBB touched my heart in a very special way. Since then, I deeply feel the desire that the memory of this young artist, whose smile and talent are indelibly imprinted in the memory of innumerable fans, is honored in the most beautiful way. The things th…

Robin Gibb 31st March 2008

Stockton schoolboy vows to help terminally ill dad by releasing Bee Gees charity single

AN EIGHT-year-old boy is determined to make his terminally ill father proud by releasing a poignant charity single penned by former Bee Gee, Barry Gibb.
Schoolboy Callum Lane-Tingle vowed to raise £5,000 for Cancer Research UK after his dad, Andrew Tingle, was given a devastating diagnosis that he has only months to live.
Mr Tingle, a 47-year-old operations director, had a kidney and his adrenal gland removed in April 2016, but doctors discovered last month that his cancer had spread to his lungs, pancreas and lymph nodes and was now incurable.
However, his young son, a pupil at Stockton’s Fairfield Primary School, decided to enlist the help of seasoned North-East singer, Keith Hammersley, who has recorded his version of the moving Bee Gees song, Morning Of My Life.

Middlesbrough-born crooner, Mr Hammersley, who has performed alongside Bob Monkhouse, Bradley Walsh and Des O’Connor, said: “It is a very touching song and it really registers with the remarkable charity work of young Callu…

Bee Gees Sgt. Pepper Film Coming to Blu-ray

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Shout! Factory will release the film of the same name on Blu-ray on Sept. 26. The film is available for pre-order now. The 1978 musical features reinterpretations of over 20 classic Beatles songs. Special features on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band include an audio commentary with pop culture historian Russell Dyball, galleries and the original theatrical trailer. The film synopsis, according to a press release: “The one and only Billy Shears (multi-platinum recording artist Peter Frampton) and his best friends the Hendersons (Rock and Roll Hall of Famers The Bee Gees) are four young men from the quaint little town of Heartland. With superstardom calling, this fabulous foursome leaves Heartland—and Billy’s beloved Strawberry Fields (Sandy Farina)—vulnerable to mean Mr. Mustard, who steals Sgt. Pepper’s magical instruments for a fiendish, ‘evil force that would poison young minds, po…