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Bee Gees Les Annees Tubes 1997

Lulu On Her Marriage To Maurice Gibb | This Morning

Lost Star Cars: The Bee Gee's Maurice Gibb's Silver Cloud and Aston Martin DB6

By: Patrick Smith

   They were stars twice over. The BeeGees were top hit makers in the 1960s, followed by excess and crack ups in 1970. Then they reunited and worked their way up to the top in 1977 with their disco opus, "Staying' Alive." The Brothers Gibb were very fortunate to learn valuable life lessons and prove it was worth the struggle. Along the way, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb enjoyed fame, fortune and the good life. One of the perks in the good life was owning some truly righteous automobiles Two of the Brothers Gibb were very much into cars; Maurice and Barry had excellent taste. Born on the Isle of Man, near England, the Gibbs lived in Manchester then Australia. The Gibbs were already involved in singing before they reached Brisbane, Queensland in 1958.Barry, Maurice and Robin continued their singing act. During the early 1960s, the Bee Gees sang on the ABC network (Australia Broadcastin…

Elton John and the car of Bee Gees Maurice Gibb

When he started to get some success , Elton's manager advised him to buy a new car. That eventually became an Aston Martin which formerly belonged to fellow musician Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees . According to Elton was the start of his love car :
“I’ve been collecting Astons ever since. Then I got my first Bentley and once you’ve had cars like that and you’ve seen the workmanship and the beauty of them, you don’t really want anything else.”


(Nick Logan, New Musical Express, August 10, 1968)BEE GEES talking frankly about the hit that wasn’tRound a conference table in the basement of the Robert Stigwood Organisation in Brook Street, Mayfair, a meeting was in progress. Members present: Colin Petersen, Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb. Apologies for absence were received from Vince Melouney.
On the agenda was the contention that the Bee Gees are at a critical phase in their career and the question – have their fans deserted them since the flop of ‘Jumbo’ and their recent British tour, which was not as warmly received as was expected? A question that has since been answered by the arrival of ‘I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You’ in the NME Chart at No 21 this week.
Messrs Petersen, Gibb, Gibb and Gibb interrupted their campaign for the reconstruction of Great Britain – “we feel it is time for Nelson to be removed from his column. He must be freezing to …

Howard Carpendale sings bee gees cover : Islands in the stream


Howard Carpendale singt ISLANDS IN THE STREAM in Hamburg AUF DER GROßEN FREIHEIT 36 im Rahmen seines Club Konzerts am 15. Februar 2016

Konzert Stark 2010 Köln

Bee Gees :snippets

In an interview for Los Angeles K-EARTH 101 back in 1998 the Bee Gees said that when they were shooting Sgt Pepper's they were all crammed into one little dressing trailer... until the Monday after Saturday Night Fever was released. They came to work that day and found three huge new trailers with their name plates on them! The movie had made them superstars overnight .

The Bee Gees have used books' titles for their songs (Hemingway's Islands In The Stream and For Whom The Bell Tolls). But writers have also used the Bee Gees in their novels. For example, the Bee Gees are mentioned in Norwegian Wood (1987), a novel by Haruki Murakami. The scene (chapter 4) is set around 1969 and the main character, Watanabe, is reading a book in a café while Bee Gees music is being played in the background. 

 The Bee Gees and Wisconsin Gov. Lee Dreyfus switched costumes in 1979 when the Bee Gees arrived at the Dane County Re…

Happy 70th birthday to David English