The Bee Gees - Dortmund - Germany - High Civilization World Tour - 1991

 Set List Tragedy(No Recording)
You Win Again(No Recording)
I've gotta get a message to you
 House of shame
The only love
When he's gone
 To love somebody
 Ghost train
 How can you mend a broken heart
 High Civilization(Part Of)
Words(No Recording)
 Stayin' alive(Part Of)
 In the morning
 And the sun will shine
 I can't see nobody
 Too much heaven
 Saved by the bell
 Run to me
 New York mining disaster 1941
 Lonely days
 How deep is your love
 I started a joke
 Secret love(Part Of)
Nights on Broadway
Jive Talkin'
 Encore: Band Presentation(Maurice Gibb)
 Party with no name
You should be dancing