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Musician-songwriter Stephen Gibb got a hard-rocking start sept 29 2015

Stephen Gibb, son of Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees, has written music and toured with his father for so many years now one might think that the Miami Beach musician was a Bee Gee by birth.
To some extent, Gibb’s early arts awakening was informed by the pop, R&B and dance music he heard around the house from his prodigious dad and his late uncles, Robin and Maurice Gibb. Together, the Brothers Gibb, along with their late youngest brother Andy, wrote the soundtrack for multiple generations dating back to the 1967 release of Bee Gees 1st. Made-in-Miami ’70s and ’80s classics like Jive Talking, the Saturday Night Fever tunes, Shadow Dancing, the music Barry wrote and produced for Barbra Streisand’s landmark Guilty album and You Win Again cemented the trio’s legacy.

Stephen Gibb is writing songs for his solo album, as well as writing and playing with his father Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees on a new album, both due in early 2016. Stephen Gibb “In my situation I was surrounded by music, always,…

Barry Gibb at ONJ Gala Dinner 2015 part 2

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Barry Gibb at Olivia Newton John cancer and Wellness charity gala septh 19TH 2015

Barry Gibb Bee Gees Way Redcliffe Qld. on Today Show 14/9/15

Bee Gees fever sweeps Brisbane as Barry Gibb makes star appearance

Starts at Sixty Writers

It’s the town that holds Barry Gibb’s heart north of Brisbane, and yesterday it was Bee Gees fever in Redcliffe as thousands of people flocked to see their star.
The small city of Redcliffe, 30 minutes north of Brisbane, is where it all began for the Bee Gees, as it was there in the seaside suburb of Scarborough that the three brothers, Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb, signed their very first music contract.
Over the next five decades they became one of the world’s greatest performance artists and songwriters.
In February 2013, Barry Gibb and Moreton Bay Regional Council unveiled a new statue and walkway called Bee Gees Way to honour the band and the most famous Redcliffe residents.
But this year, Bee Gees Way underwent stage two of its development, and Barry Gibb was there to talk about his early years and meet and greet the tens of thousands of fans that gathered along Redcliffe’s beachfront.
ABC reports the new display will feature a glass structure holding a repli…

Bee Gees fever takes over Redcliffe

Barry Gibb, formerly of Bee Gees, is welcomed back to his home town on September 9, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia. Photo: Chris Hyde His jive talking was just what adoring fans wanted to hear. 
Barry Gibb was cheered on Friday as he returned to Redcliffe to open the second stage of the public walkway named after the Bee Gees.
Another statue of the BeeGees has been installed along BeeGees Way in Redcliffe. Photo: Loretta Ryan The 50 metre long BeeGees Way opened in 2013 with a bronze statue of Barry and twin brothers Robin and Maurice as boys, as well as a visual history of the band.
Advertisement The second section features a new bronze statue of the trio, plus a glass structure that holds a replica of the first contract they signed in 1959. 
Gibb addressed the enthusiastic crowd who gathered on the Redcliffe Parade foreshore, telling them the peninsula was where he and his brothers embraced their love of music.
"Ultimately I didn't want to leave Redclif…

Bee Gees Barry steals hearts in Qld

It's only a road, but Barry Gibb might justifiably claim this is a road that can take local fans' heart away. The second stage of Bee Gees Way - a permanent instalment to honour the musical legends in their home town of Redcliffe, north of Brisbane - was opened before the man himself on Friday afternoon.
"It's overwhelming," the 69-year-old told hundreds of adoring fans.
Florida-based Gibb, who moved to Redcliffe from Manchester as a 12-year-old, described his adopted home city as "paradise".
"Ultimately, I didn't want to leave Redcliffe because this is where my home is," he said.
The singer spent more than an hour greeting fans and signing autographs.
Cathy Brennan, 53, had lined up since 7am to secure the first spot in a queue to walk Bee Gees Way.
"I just think it's lovely; it's a shame that they weren't all here," she said.
"But it's lovely that his mum's still here."
Maurice Gibb died in 2003 while his t…

Barry Gibb opening bee gees way part 2 sept 11 2015

BC will host a special live OB from noon to 6pm tomorrow, Friday 11 September, in support of the Redcliffe Festival and the official opening of Bee Gees Way Stage 2.

Thursday 10 September, 2015
4BC will host a special live OB from noon to 6pm tomorrow, Friday 11 September, in support of the Redcliffe Festival and the official opening of Bee Gees Way Stage 2.
4B Afternoons presenter Clare Blake will be on air from noon-3pm, and 4BC Drive’s Ben Davis from 3-6pm.
The highlight will be Bee Gee Barry Gibb’s return home to officially open Stage 2 of Bee Gees Way, the popular public walkway that honours the legendary supergroup.
Clare and Ben will be joined by local personalities and guests throughout the afternoon

Barry Gibb about his love forRedcliffe

september 9th 2015 by Cameron Atfield.
It has been decades since Barry Gibb has called Redcliffe home, but he left no doubt how deep his love for the peninsula was at a beachside reception on Wednesday.
About 120 people at Pilpel by the Sea, at Suttons Beach, mingled with the sole surviving Bee Gee ahead of the culmination of the Redcliffe Festival on Friday, at which the second phase of Bee Gees Way would be revealed.
Gibb said he had just come from an "experience of a lifetime" with Moreton Bay mayor Allan Sutherland – "how do you get from a big boat to a little boat?" he asked rhetorically  – so it was perhaps fortunate he was at Suttons Beach at all. 
Remembering the view to Moreton Island as a child... Barry Gibb, back on the Peninsula this week. Photo: Chris Hyde "We had some time on Moreton Island," Gibb said.
Advertisement "Fifty-seven years ago, I used to stare at Moreton Island and I think anyone here who's anyw…

Barry Gibb arrived at Redcliffe

september 9th 2015
It's official.....
Barry Gibb has arrived in Redcliffe for the opening of Bee Gees Way stage two on Friday.
There was a special welcome reception for Barry this

Barry Gibb centre with Moreton Bay Regional Council mayor Allan Sutherland, and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. Picture: Chris Higgins.

song written by B.R.M Gibb the love of a woman RARE

Brave Bomber Boys have song recorded by RAF sweetheart

THE RAF’s new sweetheart posed in a Battle of Britain Spitfire yesterday to mark the launch of a song about the sacrifices of The Few 75 years ago.

Charlotte Mellor, 18, whose father is an RAF chaplain, hopes her record will raise awareness of the Battle of Britain among her generation.
A recent survey found that 40 per cent of young adults have no knowledge of the Battle of Britain.
The song, If You Hadn’t Done What You Did, will also raise cash for the RAF Benevolent Fund and Bomber Command Memorial Fund.
The song pays tribute to the bravery of the young men who risked all to defend Britain from the Luftwaffe.
It was released yesterday ahead of Battle of Britain Day on September 15, the climax of the 1940 battle.
The song was written by 1970s pop star Jim Dooley, fundraising director for the £10million Bomber Command Memorial in London’s Green park. I want to show my appreciation of the people who fought in the Battle of Britain, especially as my generation does not know enou…

Lizz Wright On Singing To The Present(bg cover song)

Lizz Wright's latest album is called Freedom & Surrender.

Even though this is not an album of covers, there are a couple of cover songs, including your take on The Bee Gees' 1967 hit, "To Love Somebody" — which, though you wouldn't associate this with The Bee Gees, has some gospel happening in it. Was it hard to sing? It's a beautiful showcase for your voice, but those are long notes, and there's not a whole lot of instrumentation behind you.

The beautiful thing, Rachel, is that I come from a place where, when you sing slow, you give up who you are. You're standing in front of the congregation and people are looking at you, and they can see completely through you. And the whole worship part of the religious musical experience is just that you give it up — you give up who you are. You stand there like a window. There's nothing to do but slow down and be there.

Listen to interview click on link below:…

join live stream Redcliffe Festival and watch short interview video of Barry made sept 2 2015

Barry Gibb coming home to Queensland Redcliffe FestivalLIVE stream Friday, 11 September 2pm AUS EST. Don’t miss out!
watch video   Visit Moreton Bay Region on woensdag 2 september 2015

Gibb will return home for the Redcliffe Festival on Friday, September 11 in conjunction with the Bee Gees Way Stage 2 – Grand Opening.

We realise, not everyone can physically make this historic event, so we will be live streaming from 2pm AUS EST so fans from around the world can take part.

To gain access to the live stream, simply subscribe here

Happy 69 birthday Barry Gibb

Wishing Barry Gibb a Happy Birthday , and Barry and Linda a happy 45th anniversairy!!!