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Robin Gibb, 50 St. Catherine’s Drive (Reprise/Rhino)

Two years after his death at age 62 in May 2012, Bee Gee Robin Gibb’s widow Dwina Gibb compiled a heartbreaker of a solo album from songs Gibb was quietly recording between 2006 and 2011. The 17-track album closes with Sydney, a rough demo Gibb cut using the GarageBand app on his iPad in July 2011, a yearning, autobiographical song she said her husband intended to finish with his brother Barry. The wistful, acoustic tune stands as Gibb’s final recording and could have been the basis for a beautiful Bee Gees ballad if circumstances were different.50 St. Catherine’s Drive, named for the house address that Gibb was born in on the Isle of Man, is filled with the kind of lush, infectious hook-filled pop songs the Gibb brothers specialized in on ’70s classics like How Can You Mend a Broken Heart. One track here, Cherish, originates from a song Gibb hoped to pitch for a sequel to Barbra Streisand’s Guilty, the 1980 classic that featured the Gibbs’ material. The album, Gibb’s sixth pop solo e…

A Conversation with RJ Gibb

A Conversation with RJ Gibb

Mike Ragogna: RJ, 50 St. Catherine's Drive is the last project your dad was working on before he passed away, so that must have been an incredibly challenging task for you to complete because of the emotional bond you had as father and son.

RJ Gibb: Yeah. He had started work on this project in 2006 to 2008, that's when the recordings had taken place. I had at that time also composed a couple of popular songs with him. We composed the Titanic requiem together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. That was later, we started that in 2010 and finished it in 2012 with the debut at Westminster Hall. But we had actually been working on some popular songs before that and we had planned to after the requieum as well. We had songs like "Instant Love," "One-Way Love," "Syndey," about his brothers, which I actually did the production on after he wrote it himself. There's another one that we had actually written for the Titanic r…

Album Review 50 St. Catherine’s Drive

Published On September 28, 2014 | By Andrew Le | 

Robin Gibb was an undisputed musical legend even before his passing from colon cancer in 2012.
On a superficial level, he may not have been THE voice or the face of the Bee Gees- one of the greatest pop groups of all time- like older brother Barry Gibb, whose lead falsetto on classics like Stayin’ Alive and Tragedy has infiltrated popular culture.

Robin has even been parodied as timid and unmemorable by Justin Timberlake in the ‘Barry Gibb Talk Show’ skits on Saturday Night Live. He was not an obvious musician live on stage like Barry (who played guitar) or twin brother Maurice Gibb (who mostly played bass and keyboards).

However, it is Robin’s quavering yet moving vibrato and songwriting that made pop masterpieces out of hits like I Started A Joke, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Run To Me, You Win Again and Alone: tracks ranging over three DECADES. Without the three brothers working together, the Bee Gees would never have received the c…

Robin Gibb Friedlicher Abschied

Friedlicher AbschiedRobin Gibb und sein Vermächtnis: Mit "50 St. Catherine's Drive" erscheint ein posthumes Album der Bee-Gees-Legende 26.09.2014 00:00 Uhr Robin Gibb erlag 2012 seinem Krebsleiden, jetzt erscheint mit "50 St. Catherine's Drive" posthum ein Album der Bee-Gees-Legende.
© Bill Waters / Warner Hausbesuch in Thame, Oxfordshire bei Dwina Gibb, der Witwe des 2012 verstorbenen Robin Gibb. Anlass ist die posthume Veröffentlichung von „50 St. Catherine's Drive“, einem Album, das die Bee-Gees-Legende noch zu Lebzeiten aufgenommen hatte. Es ist ein persönliches Werk, benannt nach der Adresse von Gibbs Geburtshaus auf der Isle Of Man. Es erzählt von Stationen seines Lebens und seiner Karriere. In gewisser Weise also passend, dass Dwina Gibb, die gemeinsam mit ihrem Sohn RJ das Album fertigstellte, nun hier, an seiner letzten Adresse, Auskunft über ihren Mann und sein letztes Werk gibt.

Seit 1984 hatte Gibb in dem beeindruckenden, 780 Jahre alten Anwesen…

The Joy Of The Bee Gees!

Around Christmas time The British BBC will air a Bee Gees program called: The Joy Of The Bee Gees, with amongst others interviews with people who worked with the brothers like Blue Weaver.

Barry has not done a new interview for this show but has given permission for them to use any existing previously approved footage that they can clear / wish to use.
They have produced just one similar program previously called "The Joy of Abba" which also aired around Christmas last year.

50 St. Catherine’s Drive Release September 2014

This album consists of the best of the last solo recordings made by Robin, mainly recorded between 2006 and 2008. When Robin started making what would eventually become his final solo album, he always knew that it would be titled “50 St. Catherine’s Drive” – the address of the house where he lived when he was born in Douglas, on the Isle of Man. Robin was always clear on what tracks and which versions should be included on this album, and I have respected his wishes here - including the choice of an early version of “Mother of Love.”

Robin planned the album to be a reflective, sometimes autobiographical album, and this intent has been heightened by the inclusion of what is almost certainly the last song Robin ever wrote or sung. “Sydney” was recorded at our home, on an iPad, in the months prior to his passing. Although the quality of the recording is lower than Robin’s usual high standard, it is a track that I feel Robin’s fans should hear. It is fitting that it closes the album as a p…

Message Dwina Gibb

Welcome back to

It has been over two years since Robin passed away, and it was appropriate for the website to go dark for a period of time. It is now time to re-launch the website to coincide with a wonderful new solo album from Robin, 50. St Catherine’s Drive.

I am thankful to all of Robin’s fans who were loyal to him throughout his life, and who I hope will continue to follow and support the activities and releases by Robin going forward. The website has been redesigned as an information based site, rather than an interactive forum. I will keep it updated as frequently as possible, and I hope you are as happy as I am that the website is active again.

Robin was a poet, a songwriter, a composer, a bard and a wonderful human being who serenaded the world with his unique voice. I feel as if I have had the most fortunate romantic life possible, living in the presence of genius and listening to the creation of beautiful songs that both he and his brothers produced that are…

relaunch Robin

The website has been redesigned, rebuilt and features lots of new content, including:An exclusive new track from 50 St. Catherine’s DriveSeveral new galleries with many unseen photos from Dwina and RJ's personal collectionAn updated discographyA welcome message from Dwina Gibb, plus her thoughts on the new album: 50 St. Catherine's DriveA newly written biography"I am thankful to all of Robin’s fans [...] I hope you are as happy as I am that the website is active again"
Dwina Gibb

Third Annual Haute Tea 2014

Photography by on September 15th, 2014

When it comes to raising money for charity, the ladies of the Young Society of Love and Hope like it haute. For a third consecutive year, the group of South Florida philanthropists along with co-chairs Jillian Posner and Stacy Chimento, hosted the Haute Tea luncheon benefiting the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI).

 This year’s elegant soiree taking place at St. Regis Bal Harbour honored Linda Gibb – who serves alongside her husband, Barry Gibb, as International Chairman of Love and Hope and has supported the DRI’s work for more than three decades.

 Guests donning their finest haute headwear and heels were treated to a delicious three-course lunch, a formal tea service fit for the Queen, as well as a stunning fashion presentation by Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour. Attendees also enjoyed a pop-up boutique by GABRIELLA | WIMMER Haute Couture Jewelry-Handbags, Diamond Skin Creator, and silent and live auctions with Jason Jackson, Miami HEAT…

Linda Gibb honored at haute tea 2014 of DRI (Diabetic Research Institute)

September 12th 2014. Linda Gibb honored at haute tea 2014 of DRI (Diabetic Research Institute) for her contribution to this good cause. Photo Linda and grand child Layla. Copyright: Stacy Bass Gib

Robin Gibb - Days of Wine & Roses Single 2014

Lyrics by Cynthia Song

Days of Wine and Roses

Verse 1:
I ain’t lost, but I’ve been searching And every lining has a cloud Would you still be there if I called you?
Or would I lose you in the crowd?

Refrain 1:
These are the days of wine and roses And he who hesitates is lost
And time and tide will wait for no one
Count the cost
Now you’re gone, now you’re gone
Yeah, yeah

Verse 2:
Through the rivers of my childhood They come swimming into view
And all the moments that I treasured
Still lie buried in my youth

Refrain 2:
These are the days of wine and roses
And he who hesitates is lost
And time and tide will wait for no one
Count the cost
Now you’re gone, now you’re gone

Alone at night as darkness falls On bended knees I pray
And though two souls, though far apart
I pray it’s not too late

Refrain 3:

These are the days of wine and roses
And he who hesitates is lost
And time and tide will wait for no one
Count the cost of losing you
And now you’re gone,

Barry Gibb - Paul McCartney Tribute

The compilation will be available in a variety of formats, ranging from standard 34-track CD, vinyl and digital releases to extravagant 42-track deluxe sets with hardbound books, a DVD documentary about the making of the comp and more, depending on the edition. The most ornate edition is a deluxe box set, which has been limited to 1,000 copies, and includes signed artwork by Beatles associate Alan Aldridge, a USB drive designed to look like McCartney's signature Hofner bass, the aforementioned DVD documentary, an audio doc, an illustrated guide to the release, art cards, CDs, vinyl and a certificate of authenticity.
The album is available for preorder on The Art of McCartney site, iTunes and Amazon.

The Art Of McCartney Track List:

1. Billy Joel - "Maybe I'm Amazed"
2. Bob Dylan - "Things We Said Today"
3. Heart - "Band on the Run"
4. Steve Miller - "Junior's Farm"
5. Yusuf Islam - "The Long and Winding Road"
6. Har…

Robin Gibb - A songwriter and singer

Robin Gibb

"Ours is such a long story, but when we were young the only risk was not taking the risk. We always knew we'd win it if we were in it…" Robin Gibb, 2009

A songwriter and singer of rare and naked talent, Robin - usually alongside his brothers Barry and Maurice Gibb as the Bee Gees, but also on his own - created some of the most potent and memorable landmarks in the history of popular music.

From the late 60s to the early 70s, on albums like Idea, Trafalgar, Horizontal and the mighty Odessa ("our madness" as Robin described it), the Bee Gees proved they could do exquisite and expansive melancholia as well as anyone, but, of course, there was so much more to follow.  In 1973, in the space between their late 60s psychedelic pop glory and their spectacular R&B rebirth of the mid-70s, the brothers wrote a beautiful piece called, 'My Life Has Been A Song' and it's Robin's voice that dominates it. The ache of regret and the pleasure of suc…

Bee Gees during the Britisch invasion in the 60's

The Bee Gees (Barry Gibb and his twin brothers Maurice and Robin) generated 30 Top 40 hits during their three-decade run beginning in 1967. The trio had 15 Top 10 hits, nine of which climbed to the top spot.
The Bee Gees’ 15 Top 10 hits are tied for 24th place with The Beach Boys, Four Seasons, Oliva Newton-John and The Everly Brothers. Their nine No. 1 hits are tied for 10th place with John and McCartney. Among their most-famous hits were “Lonely Days” in 1970, “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” in 1971, “Jive Talkin’ “ in 1973 and “Stayin’ Alive” in 1977