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news Robin - john Gibb

Hello Everyone ,
 It has recently been decided by the record company that an instrumental piece that I first composed around 2006 and then started writing lyrics for shortly thereafter has been chosen as a single. The song, which a lot of you are aware of already, is Instant Love. Shortly before the Titanic Requiem (as my father and I would work on different genres together and if we both decided write on a piece we both liked we just went with the flow) I played him the song. He sang some demo vocals to it and the rest is history. We then wrote the lyrics together and I finally completed the backing, orchestrationand overall production when I finished production works on 50 St Catherine's drive at Red Bus Studios in March of this year.
It was then mixed at Metropolis and will be released later this year.
 Instant Love was originally going to be a club piece and now it is the mainstream piece it deserves to be (yet the lines are indeed blurred these days and there's nothin…

Stage two of Bee Gees Way approved by council, as Barry Gibb set to return to Redcliffe for unveiling of $2 million upgrade

Moreton News

Stage two of Bee Gees Way approved by council, as Barry Gibb set to return to Redcliffe for unveiling of $2 million upgrade

Staff writers Redcliffe & Bayside Herald July 29, 2014 12:00AM

THE plans are under wraps, but Moreton Bay Regional Council mayor Allan Sutherland has confirmed stage two of Bee Gees Way will go ahead at a cost of $2 million. Cr Sutherland said even councillors had not seen the final plans for the next component of the popular tourist attraction which has been a boon for local business. Stage two is expected to be finished in February or March next year, but Bee Gees Way will have to close for three months, during the Christmas period, while work is completed. “We can’t leave it to the new year because of the weather,” Cr Sutherland said. He said Bee Gee Barry Gibb would again be integral to the project and had come up with some “fantastic suggestions”. Cr Sutherland said the pop superstar is again expected to visit Red…

Bluegrass and the Bee Gees

Ricky Skaggs' new album released last week features a special guest — Barry Gibb, the last surviving brother of the Bee Gees — and the progressive bluegrass pioneer recalls some special times with him.
Skaggs, who will perform with his band Kentucky Thunder at 7 p.m. Sunday at the Majestic Theatre, loved a song Gibb wrote, “Soldier's Son,” which laments poor soldiers dying for human folly.
Gibb, known for disco hits such as “Stayin' Alive” and “Night Fever,” jumped at the invitation to join him on the song, chartering a plane and refusing Skaggs' offer to pay his expenses.
“I'm sure he doesn't just hop on Southwest like I do,” Skaggs said. “While he was here (in Nashville) recording, I mentioned I would love for him to come out and do a guest appearance we do every year at the Ryman Auditorium.”
A couple of weeks later, Gibb called to say he would, and Skaggs asked him what he thought about appearing the next night at the Grand Ole Opry.
“I didn't hear anything …

Barry Gibb at birthday party TG Sheppard

Kelly surprised me with an incredible Birthday party @Eaupalmbeachresort in West Palm Beach, FL.
I was also surprised when dear friends Barry & Linda Gibb along with some of their family Ashley,Therese & Lucas joined us for the three day w...eekend. One of Kelly's gifts to me was a video filled with Birthday wishes from special friends and family..96 wishes total. I would love to mention every wish that I received but it would be impossible and didn't want to overlook anyone. I must admit that one of the highlights from the video was President George Bush 41. I didn't think it could get any better until Barry took out his Guitar and sang with us under a cabana for almost three hours overlooking the ocean. It was truly a magical evening and Birthday that I will never forget. Thanks to all of my incredible friends who sent Birthday wishes..and Kelly for loving me so much.

© TG Sheppard

The Bee Gees by Billy Gates

The Bee Gees by Billy Gates
June 30, 2014  By Ken Sparkes                           

The Bee Gees
Ken Sparkes- DJ Bill Gates (Swingin’ Gates) is one of my most endearing and long time friends of mine, many a time our career paths and motor cycle, race and road cars choices have run in parallels.
Bill became a legendary DJ in Brisbane with a career that spans many decades encompassing the main Australian Cities and the UK.
His name is synonymous with one of the worlds top music stars The Bee Gees. Like all young struggling artists they needed that first “leg up” on the rung that you climb up to stardom. There have been many stories over the years about how that all happened and how they became The Bee Gees.
Recently Bill decided to write his history for his family, a personal insight into his career and life and has kindly shared this with me and allowed the use of many of his stories that span over five decades.
During his time as a DJ in Brisbane one of his shows was …

Bee Gee in surprise comeback with posthumous album

Bee Gee in surprise comeback with posthumous albumDURING his heyday as a member of the Bee Gees, Robin Gibb always knew just how to entertain an audience.By: Adam Helliker

Now he has left the group's fans the ultimate surprise - a solo album he completed shortly before his death two years ago.
"It will be out in the autumn and is called 50 St Catherine's Drive, after the first house he lived in on the Isle of Man," discloses Robin's widow, Dwina.
"He started it when he thought he and Barry [Gibb] would get back together and it would be a joint album, but then he realised he was ill and so he decided to do it on his own. I think it will please a lot of people; I'm very proud of it, as I am of all his achievements.
Dwina continues to live in the couple's Oxfordshire home, a former monastery, where she says she often absentmindedly makes Robin a cup of tea, and listens to Bee Gees' CDs to remember that distinctive vibrato voice of the musician to …

Bee Gees Connection

©Bernie Quayle
and the
 Bee Gees Connection

I first became aware of the Bee Gees connection with the Isle of Man
 in 1968.  Chris Musk presented a series of 'Star' interviews for
 Manx Radio and it was in his conversation with the brothers
that they revealed the Island was their place of birth.
It wasn't until 1997 that I decided to do something about the                 
misinformationin all the reference books and record sleeves. 
All of them referred to the brothers as being natives of Manchester,
some even said they were Australian.  On the Late Show one night
in August 1997, I mentioned that the boys were born here and that
started people calling to say it was a myth, they had lived here in
the early 70s - purely as tax dodgers and that was…

the story behind the song NY Mining Disaster 1941

Music History #8: "New York Mining Disaster 1941"By Bill De Main september 2012
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Image credit:  Getty Images
“New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Have You Seen My Wife, Mr. Jones)”
Written by Barry and Robin Gibb (1967)
Performed by Bee Gees

The MusicWhen the Bee Gees debut US single was released in April 1967, a lot of people thought it was The Beatles masquerading as another band. Even the name Bee Gees was read as code for “Beatles Group.” But within a year, brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb established themselves not only as hit makers in their own right, but as chart rivals to the Fabs. “New York Mining Disaster 1941,” the first of thirty-some hits, is one of those rare pop songs in which the title never appears in the lyrics. Most people still refer to it by its subtitle “Have you seen my wife, Mr. Jones.” Inspired by the Aberfan mining disas…

Barry Gibb: The Last Brother part 1

Barry Gibb: The Last Brother Gibb looks back on the monster hits, the long-simmering feuds and the tragedy of life as a Bee Gee

Barry Gibb Peter Yang By Josh Ells July 4, 2014 9:00 AM ET A couple of Decembers ago, back before he had any idea he'd be launching his first tour in 15 years, Barry Gibb sat at home in Miami, watching Fox News on his couch. Rep. John Boehner was talking about the fiscal cliff. Gibb was flat on his back in white gym socks, his dog Ploppy
at his side

"Taxes," the former Bee Gee muttered. "I've set aside 40 percent in a tax account since we started. All the money I see is mine." On the floor next to him, an oscillating fan blew back and forth, gently disturbing what was left of his snowy mane. Gibb sighed and changed the channel.
Gibb's wife, Linda, was in the next room, wrapping a mountain of Christmas presents for their five children and seven grandchildren. But Gibb wasn't feeling very festive. In fact, he was depressed…

Barry Gibb: The Last Brother part 2

Gibb needs to stand up for a bit. "Oh, my joints," he says, stretching his back. "Everything hurts today." He twists one way, then the other: "Movement is important." Then he takes a step. "Ah, fuck."

These days Gibb wakes up late, usually because he was up late watching Netflix. He rolls out of bed around 11, sings for a while to make sure his voice is still there. (Yesterday it was "Blame It on the Bossa Nova.") He takes breakfast and reads for a bit – currently The Sixth Extinction, by environmental journalist Elizabeth Kolbert – and then heads to the living room to read a little more. He likes end-of-the-world stuff and quasi-science – the Bermuda Triangle, Ancient Aliens, anything about the apocalypse. "All the things that people laugh about, I believe in," he says. "It's much more fun than being skeptical."

After lunch, Gibb goes back to the living room, where he'll fiddle with one of his fou…

Barry Gibb: The Last Brother part 3

Maurice was the next to pass, in 2003. He'd had problems with alcohol – in the late Seventies, he used to have to run his hand along the wall just to make it to the stage. He got clean in the Nineties, but he died of a heart attack at age 53, no doubt exacerbated by a lifetime of drinking.
"With Andy, we could see it coming," says Gibb. "But Maurice was a shock." At first Barry and Robin said they would continue as the Bee Gees, but soon reversed course: "It wasn't the same. We didn't want to be the Bee Gees without Mo."

The only two left were the two who'd never gotten along. Robin and Barry tried to organize a tribute concert for Maurice, but they couldn't even agree on that. "The distance between us became more and more dramatic," Gibb says. "There were times when we didn't talk for a year."
In February 2012, Gibb played his first-ever solo show. "God bless you," he told the fans. "And s…

Spencer Gibb update!

I thought that everyone should know that a new “Music” site at is up and running. It’s still a work in progress, but has access to some cool stuff, including a link to the Photography site, (which is still massively under construction, but the blog will be available).
Everything is also phone and tablet friendly.
I will be traveling for the next couple of months and will be blogging regularly with photographs and notes, so please check here, the websites and other social media if you want to keep track of me. Much love!!

NEW CD Spencer Gibb

Spencer Gibb - Let's Start Over - NEW Album
01. False Hope
02. Hey, World (Let's Start Over)
03. Empty Room...
04. Leave Me Alone
05. Water Under The Bridge
06. I Can't Stand Up
07. Forgive
08. Man Burning
09. You're Gonna Love Me Again
10. Next To Last
11. Somebody's Daughter
12. Avenue F
(Songs Order subject to changes)